Why you should check Google suggest

In the new Firefox 2, Google suggest is incorporated into the search block in the top right of your browser. This new box CAN have quite an important effect on the way you should optimize your site. I’ll show you why with an example.

As readers who read this blog often well know, one of my best sites is www.css3.info. It’s a site about the newest kid of the CSS family, and it attracts quite a lot of tech-savvy readers. As you can imagine, quite a large portion of my readers uses Firefox. However, in the last few days, this percentage has gone up… I started researching why, and that’s what caused this article.

If you type in “CSS3″ in your search box, you will get quite a lot of suggestions. The funny things is that on the SERPs for most of the suggestions you get, css3.info is in the top 10. And one the terms that you get suggested there, I have been getting more traffic. Now you tell me, is this a coincidence?

I thought so too… So: check Google suggest for your most important keywords, and make sure you rank for most, if not all, the suggestions it gives if that’s possible. This especially applies to those having more tech-oriented sites, with a larger percentage of Firefox users.

Of course, if you do find that for more than 25% of the terms Google suggests, you’re not ranking, and they are related to your sites topic, you should really reconsider your keyword research methods…

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2 Responses

  1. RoyBy Roy on 27 October, 2006

    if you weren’t scraping that already for keywords…

  2. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 27 October, 2006

    It seems, says someone on Digital Point, that this works in IE Google toolbar too.