Why i’m very happy with OmniWeb 5.5

I’m an Apple addict, and a Safari addict as well. I love it, and I love it’s core, WebKit, and spend a lot of time on it. Yet i’m very, very happy with the OmniWeb 5.5 sneaky peak.

I wrote a piece a while ago, about a WebKit community release. Effectively, this OmniWeb sneaky peak release is such a thing. It’s based on a WebKit subversion check out a few weeks old, with some work on it to make it more stable.

The browser that this is going to turn in to when it comes out of beta, is actually the first public release of WebKit since it’s become open source. By that i mean that this is the first stable product based on it, and as such the first product which the “general” public can use, with most of our patches and new features in it. It does SVG, for instance, and does a good job at it.

For a while now, some of the OmniWeb people haven been talking with the WebKit community. I hope they will continue to do so, and I hope that together, we can make a better browser. Their patches might benefit us, as our patches are of benefit to them. So, you, out there, if you haven’t kept up with what WebKit has been doing, see for yourself by using this OmniWeb sneaky peak. Feel how fast it is, and how good it renders all those pages Safari used to fail on…

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