Website SEO reviews: now on sale!

Our website reviews are on sale! For the next two and a half weeks you’ll get a $100 discount on our Silver SEO review  and Gold SEO review and a $700 discount on our Platinum SEO review. That’s almost 30% off!

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Yoast SEO website reviews are on sale

Silver SEO review

The Silver SEO review is the least expensive review. Nevertheless we’ll check all essential SEO aspects of your site. The review will be done by our SEO experts, and we’ll check everything from your site’s content, speed, code, design and usability to your site’s conversion.

Get Silver SEO Review Only $699 (ex VAT)

Gold SEO review

The Gold SEO review is basically the same thing as our Silver SEO review, but tailored to WordPress sites. With it, you’ll get a Yoast SEO Premium license, and we’ll also set up your Yoast SEO plugin ourselves. That way you know for sure you’ve set everything in our plugin the right way.

Get Gold SEO Review Only $699 (ex VAT)

Platinum SEO review

The Platinum SEO review is our most elaborate review. We’ll do all the checks of the Silver and Gold SEO review, but we’ll also check your site’s Google Analytics, Google Search Console and ranking history. So in this review we are no longer limited to things we find on your site, but we’ll also analyze your site’s performance. This means you’ll get a very complete idea of what you could improve and how your site is doing.

Get Platinum SEO Review Only $1,999 (ex VAT)

All reviews come with 6 weeks of email support

A Silver or Gold SEO review?

The Silver and Gold SEO review include the same type of analysis. We will manually check your site for approximately 200 issues (depending on the type of site) using a variety of tools. The issues could be design or user experience related, content issues or general/technical SEO suggestions and much more.

The review will give you a nice to do list, telling you what you are doing right and what you should improve. You, your developer or your copywriter can go over this list and fix issue-by-issue. This will make sure your website is served to Google in the best way possible.

For WordPress sites, we have added some extras in the Gold SEO review. We’ll not only check your website, but you’ll also get a premium plugin of your choice and our eBook bundle! In the Gold SEO review, we will also go over the general settings of your Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin, so you know everything is set up right for your type of website, so you won’t have any worries about that ever again.

Take it one step further: the Platinum SEO review

If you think you have all the basics covered and want us to do a deeper analysis of your website, you should really order the Platinum SEO review now. We have never done a discount like this before: you’ll save yourself $700 on a Platinum review! Its original price is $2499, but now you’ll get this review for only $1799!

We want your website to be ready for 2016 as much as you do. But perhaps ghosts from the past are bugging your rankings… We will analyze your website’s historic data in We’ll check your backlinks in MajesticSEO. And we’ll use Google Search Console and Google Analytics to see what else could be wrong – or improved.

In the Platinum review we’ll also dig a bit more into your site itself. Using screenshot where applicable and examples from your website itself, we’ll illustrate what and how things can be improved. If you are serious about your website and your online business, this is the review for you.

The last day of this sale will be December 10. Make sure to order your review before that date!

Due to an expected increase in workload because of this sale, we might need some weeks extra to finish the discounted reviews (usually the delivery time is 2 weeks for Silver/Gold and 3 weeks for a Platinum SEO review).

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7 Responses to Website SEO reviews: now on sale!

  1. Matt Selby Photography
    Matt Selby Photography  • 3 years ago

    Whilst I’d love to get an SEO review, I’d be left wondering how to fix any issues which arise in the review.

    • Michiel Heijmans

      Hi Matt, I totally understand that a website owner like yourself doesn’t have all the skills it takes to solve all the issues we highlight. Most of the times, half of it can be fixed by the not tech-savvy website owner, and half of it might require some work from your web developer/designer. We can also recommend these companies to implement the lot.

  2. Patrick
    Patrick  • 3 years ago

    While you are at it make an SEO review of this page here too. Check if there are any “broken links” ;) “Silver SEO review” is missing an h in the https-part :)

    • Michiel Heijmans

      Thanks man :) Either one of my colleagues beat me to it because of your comment, or this has been fixed in the process, I guess. Appreciated!

  3. Raj
    Raj  • 3 years ago

    I wish to get a review for my site to get to know the mistakes (if I make any) and hope that I have enough budget for the same, unfortunately I can’t go ahead with one now because of the shoe string budgets I have.

    Good Luck for those who are looking for your services as they can avail your services at a good discount.

    • Michiel Heijmans

      Especially when budget is low, our eBooks will take you by the hand with loads of information and insights. You might want to try one of these?

      • Raj
        Raj  • 3 years ago

        Thanks Mike, for the link.. I just had a check on the ebooks will buy them soon.