VideoPress: Web Video, WordPress Style

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This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find a new advertiser had signed on to my blog. The guys at Automattic have placed an ad for VideoPress, and I had to admit that I had briefly looked at the service but hadn’t done anything with it yet. I guess this was a good time to change that, and to be honest, I’m impressed.

I’ve made a short video, which covers how to get your VideoPress account on, how to install the VideoPress plugin and how to then insert a video into your post (make sure to click on HD in the upper right if your bandwidth allows for it):

[wpvideo width="565" height="318" D3XelS9G]

As you can see this video is 1280×720, aka HD, and you get unlimited plays, all the bandwidth is “on” Automattic. You also get pretty detailed stats about your video, even with the total number of minutes played, and a whole lot more. The complete feature list is best gotten on the VideoPress support page.

As you can see these video’s come with default embed codes, just hover over the video and click on embed in the upper left:

videopress embed

So thanks, Automattic, for supporting and for making such a cool service available.

Note: even though the link above has a tracking code, I didn’t get paid for this post in any other way than that Automattic advertises with a 125×125 button here. I bought my own VideoPress upgrade when I was shooting this video.

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48 Responses

  1. Travis CampbellBy Travis Campbell on 9 October, 2009


    Thanks for taking the time to do this, great video of what appears to be a great, and valuable service!


  2. Carl HancockBy Carl Hancock on 9 October, 2009

    Anyone know what the terms of use are for VideoPress as far as commercial use goes?

    Can commercial sites make use of this to embed videos in their blog, screencasts, etc.?

    • Toni SchneiderBy Toni Schneider on 9 October, 2009

      Hi Carl,

      Yes, you can make commercial use of the videos. There are no restrictions on how and where you display the videos. (The only restrictions are around uploading ultra violent content or porn.)

      • Carl HancockBy Carl Hancock on 9 October, 2009

        Very cool! I will definitely have to look into putting this to use then.

  3. Geir EllefsenBy Geir Ellefsen on 9 October, 2009

    Hi Yoast, excellent blog & video.

    I was wondering, is this a good plugin to use if you want to optimize videoes for universal search?

  4. Kevin EklundBy Kevin Eklund on 9 October, 2009

    Thanks for being open and honest about the advertisement. Hopefully the new agreement will still allow you to press Matt to reply to your post below and encourage him to create a separate premium plugins directory similar to the premium themes directory that already exists:

  5. Eric R. OlsonBy Eric R. Olson on 9 October, 2009

    Can you run ads against the video?

    • Raanan Bar-CohenBy Raanan Bar-Cohen on 10 October, 2009

      @Eric — we have a VideoPress VIP tier which support player UI customizations, and we are exploring various ad-integrations. If you’d like to learn more, just click on the VIP “contact us” link near the bottom of

  6. Ronen BekermanBy Ronen Bekerman on 9 October, 2009

    Seems like a very cool service. Is the unlimited bandwidth the only advantage? how is it compared to the competition in quality, ease of use and exposure?

    • Carl HancockBy Carl Hancock on 9 October, 2009

      To me the commercial uses are very handy. This would make managing things like Screencasts for a product site much easier.

      Although must people don’t realize it, but commercial use is actually against the Terms of Use policies for most of the video sharing sites such as so you aren’t really supposed to use them for doing things like screencasts for products you sell, etc.

      From what I have seen the quality is very good, although I haven’t actually tried it yet.

  7. Vincent SparreboomBy Vincent Sparreboom on 9 October, 2009

    Looks interesting, I might start using this one, thanks.

  8. donnacha | WordSkillBy donnacha | WordSkill on 10 October, 2009

    I would like to see Automattic offer a version of VideoPress that allowed our users to leave video comments via their webcams in a similar way to the Seesmic, Riffly and Viddler video commenting WordPress plugins, but as a paid service without ads.

    Video commenting will never be a replacement for text comments but there are specific uses in which it is a good accompaniment to text, such as when you want to show how to do something visually. Nothing close to HD would be required, in fact faster low bandwidth would better suit the casual nature of video comments.

    Such a service would definitely be worth $60 per year, even for sites that made fairly infrequent use of it. It would just be a nice thing to offer our users and another way to promote discussion.

  9. Doug FrancisBy Doug Francis on 10 October, 2009

    That “terms of use” issue is a big deal as I have read about people’s accounts getting wiped out for violations. VideoPress looks like a good option that is worth exploring… why? because it is designed for WordPress and I prefer using plugins. Thanks!

  10. StephanBy Stephan on 12 October, 2009

    Nice Post ! very helpful..

  11. ThomasBy Thomas on 12 October, 2009

    Thanks for the great tutorial. But what about the flexibility to change the WordPress logo for instance. Is that possible with VideoPress? It doesn’t look like it from within the plugin.

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 12 October, 2009

      Nope, but that’s not possible with for instance Vimeo either. Have to say I’d love to change it too though ;)

      • ThomasBy Thomas on 12 October, 2009

        Maybe there’s a way for Automattic to make a little more money here :-)

      • BruceBy Bruce on 1 December, 2009

        Actually, you can completely eliminate the Vimeo branding in preferences. But they kicked me off for commercial use, so this is no idle threat.

    • Raanan Bar-CohenBy Raanan Bar-Cohen on 12 October, 2009

      We have a VIP tier for VideoPress which allows for player customization including the logo. You can see an example here with Office Depot:

      • Thomas ClausenBy Thomas Clausen on 12 October, 2009

        That sounds nice. Do you have a link for the VIP tier? I can find the VIP hosting on WordPress, but not on VideoPress.

        • Raanan Bar-CohenBy Raanan Bar-Cohen on 12 October, 2009

          A dedicated page for VideoPress VIP will be up soon, for now just click “Contact Us” from (near the bottom ) and I can send you all the info.

          • Thomas ClausenBy Thomas Clausen on 12 October, 2009

            Done, looking forward to hearing from you. And thanks for the snappy reply :-)

  12. Malcolm SleathBy Malcolm Sleath on 12 October, 2009

    I was just thinking about video this weekend and the way to go. Your newsletter was timely, informative, and nicely done. Very impressed with the HD quality.

  13. [keyword deleted]By [keyword deleted] on 12 October, 2009

    Why you sound so low in that tutorial videos.

    -Shanker Bakshi

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 12 October, 2009

      Dunnow, works fine here, initial version had low sound, current version is fine afaik. Please refrain from spammy anchor texts on your comments btw.

      • BruceBy Bruce on 1 December, 2009

        I agree with Bakshi, the volume is extremely low on this video. I can barely hear it with all volume controls on 100% on my laptop. Other videos are fine. Just FYI. Thanks for the great video.

  14. RavBy Rav on 12 October, 2009


    Tried to watch above video but “sorry the video currently not available” error showing???

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 12 October, 2009

      Hmm it seems to work right now?

  15. Abraham VeghBy Abraham Vegh on 12 October, 2009

    Excellent post, Joost.

    I was wondering (slightly off-topic): What are you using to automatically fill in your PayPal password?

  16. Jey PandianBy Jey Pandian on 12 October, 2009


    What is it compatible with? Can iphones view these videos?

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 12 October, 2009

      No, just Youtube on iPhones, unfortunately… Would be cool if we could have a viewer for iPhones but I don’t see it happening just yet :)

      • donnacha | WordSkillBy donnacha | WordSkill on 12 October, 2009

        There’s no reason why VideoPress couldn’t do exactly what YouTube does, serve up an MP4 version to iPhones. There are certainly enough iPhones and iPod Touches out there, it would be an attractive feature for content providers.

        • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 12 October, 2009

          Youtube uses the embedded player on the iPhone, but it’s true: VideoPress could just deliver an MP4.

      • Raanan Bar-CohenBy Raanan Bar-Cohen on 12 October, 2009

        We are actively looking at adding iPhone playback support. Stay tuned :)

  17. Jey PandianBy Jey Pandian on 12 October, 2009

    Are your videos nofollowed like You-Tube or do they pass link equity? Also, what is the difference between You-Tube and Video Press in terms of functionality/pros/cons?

  18. Robert RichmanBy Robert Richman on 14 October, 2009

    Does anyone know if it can do private videos, for membership sites (like you can do with Amazon
    S3 EzS3)?

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 14 October, 2009

      Yeah I don’t see why not. The videos are only shown when you embed them somewhere :)

  19. TonyBy Tony on 15 October, 2009

    Hi can you please share whether the video player is http psuedo straming? Many players on
    the market continually buffer throughout video playing.


  20. Darren MooreBy Darren Moore on 26 October, 2009

    Thanks For the post and information. You have a great website and resource here, thank you for providing it!

  21. RoyBy Roy on 30 October, 2009

    I didn’t know there was something like this in WordPress. Now it is easier to share videos, when it is integrated on my blog.

  22. jamesBy james on 4 November, 2009

    Hi, I emailed WordPress on Monday for details on the VIP publisher version of VideoPress, but have not heard back. I notice the group seems to be responding here, so thought I’d post a comment for help. Would love to get the details on the customized player and advertising options that come with the service.

    If so, is there someone I can contact directly?