TwitterCounter: the API and the Mint Pepper

TwitterCounter logoAs you know I’m a big fan of TwitterCounter, and Boris, its creator and founder is one of the few Dutch entrepreneurs I’m actually a fan of, as he really seems to get the “new” web.

I emailed him last week, asking why TwitterCounter didn’t have an API, and we started talking about what an API should do. He started developing it, showed me some code, and then I offered him to develop the API myself. So I did, resulting in this API.

On top of that API Sean Hammons already implemented a pane for getClicky, and I myself created a Pepper for Mint. It looks like this:

twittercounter stats

twittercounter graph

Like it? Download it here

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7 Responses

  1. BorisBy Boris on 25 November, 2008

    Thanks for helping us and doing almost ALL the work! :-)

  2. Tim SchmoyerBy Tim Schmoyer on 25 November, 2008

    Looks great! Thanks.

  3. iskandarXBy iskandarX on 30 November, 2008

    This counter looks great I will take a try and this post I’m sharing in my blog at

  4. Shanker BakshiBy Shanker Bakshi on 1 December, 2008

    Good Job Done. API can do wonder for twittercounter and any other service no doubt about it.

  5. Timon WellerBy Timon Weller on 9 December, 2008

    Looks heaps better now, i have to say the twittercounter is such a good plugin… :)

  6. Marijuana FactsBy Marijuana Facts on 27 March, 2009

    I’ve been using your twitter counter for about a week and it just wont update. The only way to get it to update and show my correct amount of followers is to go into preferences and re-enter my username.

    Also, the “week” part never works, when I check that it says “Please make sure you’ve entered your Twitter username in the preferences correctly.”

    Would love these bugs fixed, otherwise I’ll just remove it as it is no use to me currently.

    • Jonas SmetsBy Jonas Smets on 20 October, 2009

      Same problem here… Any other people having these problems?