The power of Twitter (clients) exposed

This story shows the power of Twitter and how you should always be prepared for major traffic spikes.

Last night, in the beginning of the evening, @michielb twittered that he made a list of most used Twitter clients. I thought it looked pretty cool and asked him if that was measured by unique users or total tweets. He said it was by amount of tweets, to which I responded I’d like to know which clients users twittered the most, eg. which client makes twittering the easiest.

He immediately went ahead and added that to the Twitter Clients list, which I tweeted about to my followers:

Twitter addicts, check the cool stats @michielb made, ranking twitter clients: twitterberry users are most active :)

This tweet got retweeted a couple of times, resulting in a total of 84 clicks towards the list, of which 66 by humans, as counted by my favorite URL shortener of the moment: A couple of minutes later, Michiel tweeted to me that he was getting an enormous amount of traffic through StumbleUpon, as shown by this traffic stat:

Traffic stats on

Within a couple of hours of this happening, the list made it to TechCrunch. How’s that for Twitter power?

Michiel followed up on the whole story with a blog post of his own, reflecting the lessons learned in this small experiment: the navigation on that list was poor, he didn’t get anything out of it other than some visitors to his page, where he could have been promoting his awesome web-based twitterclient Twitstat. So, if you make cool, unique content like Michiel did, make sure you prepare to get something out of it if it hits the major (tech-)news sites!

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11 Responses

  1. Josh FialkoffBy Josh Fialkoff on 3 January, 2009

    Great play-by-play of a blog post’s promotion!

  2. DavidBy David on 3 January, 2009

    Thats good info…I’m new to Twitter myself so I’m learning what I can…thanks again.

  3. Re@PeRBy Re@PeR on 3 January, 2009

    That’s the way I experience Twitter as well, a quick way to get the latest news and a quick way to draw traffic to your site.

  4. iskandarXBy iskandarX on 4 January, 2009

    How’s that for Twitter power? Answer is Power “Overwhelming” . You are smart using twitter to promote the blog post. Great.

  5. robert.marklyBy robert.markly on 5 January, 2009

    How can i become a good twitter?How it can provide us a lot of traffic?

  6. coinsBy coins on 5 January, 2009

    Fantastic Traffic spikes for a life time use.

  7. HowToMakeMyBlog.comBy on 5 January, 2009

    Impressive stats! Twitter is great for stuff like this. If you write an interesting and useful tweet, people do seem to re-tweet it, and then the snowball effect starts. More people get exposed to your message, more click on your profile to see who you are, more click on the link in the tweet, more click over to the website in your Twitter profile… it is a great tool to create awareness…

  8. Nick StamoulisBy Nick Stamoulis on 5 January, 2009

    Twitter can be a very powerful tool if used correctly. The problem is figuring out the right way to use it that yields in a benefit for your business.

  9. Steve HaroldBy Steve Harold on 6 January, 2009

    I twitter a lot but have never quite fathomed how the site helps with traffic. As Nick said its figuring out the most effective way of using it. I now have a much better idea thanks to your post.


  10. Nate HollandBy Nate Holland on 9 July, 2009

    Twitter an really help drive people to your site. The real problem is knowing how to do that. Beyond all else, I believe engaging yourself in conversation with people there really helps

  11. the_guvBy the_guv on 28 July, 2009

    Silly boy .. clearly needed to be prepared with an Nginx-driven VPS with WP Super Caching configged ;)