SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlassI’ve been using SEO SpyGlass for a couple of years now. When I still worked as a full time SEO the company I worked for had it’s own in house tools, but when I was on the road I couldn’t reach those, and I still needed to assess the links for my clients quickly. This tool does an absolutely fabulous job at that, as it allows me to quickly see how much links I’d need, and from where, to equal my competitors.

The secret to link building is to first analyze how your competitors are ranking above you, then copy (a part of) that strategy and improve on it. This tool will help you in quickly analyzing the best links your competitors have.

Some of the stuff it’ll show you:

  • The total number links your competitor has, grouped by (for instance) PageRank.
  • The PageRank of these backlinks.
  • The total number of links to your competitors coming from the same IP addresses, showing whether they’re using site wide links or link farms.
  • The Alexa Traffic Rank of these links (allowing you to have a quick guess as to where their traffic comes from).
  • The anchor text and anchor URLs your competitor is using.
  • Their anchor and title keyword density – which is how often a given keyword appears within the anchors and titles of their links.

In all, I would highly recommend that if you’re serious about link building, you try this tool. It’s pretty darn cheap compared to some of the other tools out there, and it does a lot that you’ll like. So go try it!