Are you as Rank Tracker crazy as I am?

Why I use Rank Tracker to track my keywords rankings

Do you track your rankings for all your important, and even your unimportant keywords, multiple times a week? Or maybe even a day? Do you know that it takes way too much time, but you just have this compulsory need to check anyway? There’s a solution: a rank tracker tool that quickly checks your rankings and shows them to you in a comprehensible and actionable way, saving you loads of time!

Rank tracker to the rescue!

rank trackerThis is THE fastest keyword ranking checker I’ve ever seen. It can check rankings in ALL major search engines, in almost any country you can think of.

Simple arrows can show you whether your rankings have gone up or down, and how much they’ve moved, so you only have to take care of those keywords that really changed.

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Rank tracker helps you get more keywords to rank!

Rank Tracker comes with a set of built-in keyword suggestion tools, to help you find new keywords that people might be using to search for your site, and it can automatically add them to the list of keywords you are tracking your rankings for!

Convinced that Rank tracker is the tool for you?

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