Richer link data in Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools shows the incoming links for your website, but you might want to know the PR of the pages linking to you and the anchor text used on the link. This Greasemonkey script does just that, by determining PR for and anchor text of the link through an XML HTTP request and adding it in front of the link.

Install the script

Explanation of what the script does in somewhat more detail:

  • If the link is found, and it’s normal, the PageRank and anchor text is displayed in black,with the anchor text within quotes:w3 link
  • If the link has rel=”nofollow” on it, the info is made orange and striked through:
    Link stuff nofollow
  • If the link is not found the info is made red, and the text “Link not found” is added:
    Link not found
  • If the link is an image link, the text “img, alt:” with the alt text is added:
    Image alt tag
  • If a single frame is encountered, the script opens it and tries that for the link, matching Google’s behavior.
  • URL’s without www when the URL is with www are properly recognized as well.
  • A logo and some text are added to the screen to prevent you from forgetting which great script it was that gave you this data:
    Linkdata logo

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