Tele2 sucks, but I’m back online

I’ve been using Tele2 for a while now while on my old address, it was slow at times, but it usually worked, so I was pretty satisfied. I’m not anymore though… We’ve been moving to our new house over the last weekend, and I had arranged for our phone and internet connection to be moved last friday. However, it didn’t, and I started calling the helpdesk…

After 2 days, they thought to know what the problem was, and guaranteed me that it would be fixed within 3 business days. After having laughed hard at the woman who said “we will call you” (after all, which number would they call me on, they hadn’t bothered to take my cell number and the other phone number obviously wasn’t working), I hung up feeling quite certain that I would be called back within a few days.

For 2.5 days, I didn’t hear anything, so I started calling again. They actually had the guts to say to me: “we’ve been trying to call you”… “on your home phone”… I tell you, Tele2 employees are a complete bunch of idiots… After 4,5 days with a lot of phone conversations, they finally found out what the error was, something, it turned out, they could have found out within 2 minutes of my first call, had they been thinking clearly. So, it wasn’t something I could fix, and they wanted to send in a technician… Next opportunity for that man to come to my place: may 8th… NOW COME ON! I got extremely mad, as they had PROMISED me the problem would be fixed within 3 business days. I won’t bore you any longer: I went to a UPC store, got an installment package, and within 15 minutes of starting to install it, I was checking my e-mail.

Conclusion: Tele2 sucks

So: Tele2 SUCKS. Now I’m not the only one with trouble with Tele2, two weeks ago, thousands of tele2 customers didn’t have access to their e-mail for 2 full days. So: don’t switch to Tele2, the company that brings you small bills… and major headaches.

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23 Responses

  1. MicrodesignBy Microdesign on 4 May, 2007

    Thanks for the advice mate! :-) i still got “planet internet” here, and verry happy as well!

  2. Alastair KitsonBy Alastair Kitson on 20 May, 2007

    We had a phone call from a salesman proposing we switch to Tele2. My wife answered that we were interested but that they should confirm everything by post. We checked out their rates which were not as good as Freenet, which we already used, so we were not interested. Then we received a Direct Debit from Tele2 for calls made via them and T-Com informed us we now had a contract with Tele2! I wrote and cancelled – which Tele2 accepted – and told them I had rejected their direct debit (for some €5) and asked them where they had obtained my bank details. They replied that they had obtained them from my wife, which we know is not true, and the tape of the telephone call, if Tele2 made one, would prove it. After I did not pay, they put a debt collector on to me. To save more bother I have paid the “debt” which had grown to €15. Who would want to have a contract with an outfit like this?

  3. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 20 May, 2007

    Hmm Alastair, doesn’t sound very good either…

  4. RachelBy Rachel on 27 September, 2007

    TELE2 does suck bigtime!!! What a horrible phone company. They cut out our phone and dsl for about 6 days 2 months ago, for NO REASON. All bills paid up to date. They said they had technical problems with our phone line. But do you think it’s a civilized world when i can’t have a phone service (which i paid for) for 6 days??? And then, after a week, they cut us off for 2 more days. Ever since then, at least once a week, we get our phone service cut off for a few hours. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? I think they have better phone service in a village in the himalaya mountains somewhere! SCREW TELE2. I HOPE NOBODY SIGNS UP FOR TELE2 EVER AGAIN!!!

  5. MarkamBy Markam on 18 October, 2007

    Tele2 staff are idiots, I can only agree on that. However, the organizational structure is meant to suck off money by expensive service numbers nothing else. I wish I d never decided to sign the contract.

  6. Seotaal BlogBy Seotaal Blog on 28 December, 2007

    Hope this blog is not about selling Search Engine Reputation Management to Tele2. They can use it:

  7. StephanBy Stephan on 29 December, 2007

    Unfortuantely, you are rght. They are a bunch of idiots.

  8. RutgerBy Rutger on 11 January, 2008

    I don’t know where to begin when describing how sorry I’m that I ever described to service of Tele2 (instable connection, incompetent service, indeed headache). I have a difficult time understanding how it is possible that a company like Tele2 exists.

  9. galezBy galez on 2 March, 2008

    Here in Poland, Tele2 disconnected me witout a notice, and put a debt collector on me, because of an imaginary debt (~ 3$) dating two years ago. Now I see this bunch of idiots acts the same way all over the world, and somehow this lousy company still exists.

  10. RutgerBy Rutger on 3 March, 2008

    The funny or actually sad thing is Tele2 does not have the time or the knowledge to deliver a good service but they do have somebody on the payroll making sure that their Dutch Wikipedia ( page is only telling their truth. I linked from the Wiki to this post but it was removed within a couple of minutes. I undid their removal of the post but again removed within minutes. This company is sooo sad it makes me smile.

  11. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 3 March, 2008

    @Rutger I checked the history and that was actually a Wikipedia admin…

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  15. Nico van WilligenBy Nico van Willigen on 22 August, 2008

    After Tele2 took over the line we were four months without telephone and with a bad Internet connection. After numerous prepaid mobile calls and registered letters during all those months I asked Orange to take over the whole mess and they solved the problems within 15 minutes. Total losses about 800€.
    Two months after paying the bills for not rendered services, those bastards put a debt colector on me (which was called “a mistake” afterwards.)

  16. fionaBy fiona on 16 March, 2009

    they are a DREADFUL company- i was told by tele2 netherlands, that the only way i can get out of my non-functioning mobile phone contract is if i were to DIE!!!

    useless, incompetent, braindead, shoddy, non-functioning, inferior, ignorant, frustrating company, and not as cheap as they say.


  17. astonishedBy astonished on 23 March, 2009

    Never before have I ever encountered a more contradictory combination of the words Customer Service than dealing with Tele2. The other contradiction in terms is Communications Company, they are unable to do so, either internally or to their customers. I was made to feel like I was trying out for a chorus line every time I try to get some answer out of them; “dont call us we’ll call you”. They are unable to transfer you to anyone who can do anything to resolve your problem, possibly because the department or people that can do not exist.

    What it boils down to is that Tele2 Customer Service is a completely clueless entity who can do absolutely nothing for you other than frustrate the hell out of you. They’ve cut off my phone line for 3 weeks and still not given a definitive reason why… whenever I’ve tried to get an answer I get met with the same “dont call us, we’ll call you” attitude to the point that I had a tele2 agent start yelling at me and then hung up the phone… it’s pathetic when people try and blast you with arrogance in an attempt to cover their obvious ignorance and lack of human decency. I pity their blackened souls!

    If Tele2 becomes a victim of the credit crisis and ceases to exist I dont think many people will be sad to see the back of it.

  18. Buck CherryBy Buck Cherry on 28 April, 2009

    Tele2 were trouble from the start , they signed me into a contract and then messed me about alot taking THREE MONTHS to hook up my service , when i did get service the TV decoder was broken taking another TWO WEEKS to fix . They disconnected me one time with no disconnection notice or warning , that took THREE WEEKS to reconnect , in this time i tried to deal with GGN who knew nothing of the bill i owed so i couldnt even pay them !!!! ……….My tip is dont involve yourself and if u do pay them on time everytime !!

  19. Anne SewellBy Anne Sewell on 24 September, 2009

    Guys from Tele2 in Spain came round to me tonight, trying the hard sell line… I said I had never heard of tele2, so they told me to Google it. I did, and their website bombed out my browser… LOL… of course they blamed it on my current internet provider…

    Anyhow, they finally gave up, and when I tried the same search again on Google, came across this blog… glad I didn’t sign up with them!

  20. BROODBy BROOD on 4 October, 2009

    Tele 2 ,,is the worst ever ,,i had internet lags sometimes,during online
    games,so i switched to tele 2 -20MB-I saw the commercials in the games fifa 09 ..for six months now i have 6 mb download and 0.80 kbps .. upload .impossible to play with.recently they anounced the fiber -net with could become 50 mb..the most annoying thing they said is that the fiber-net is there for online gaming!”So the only thing they are good at is making commercials ..for stuff they dont even have:( my old internet company was 4MB and 3 times cheaper and way better ,i quit gaming thankyou tele 2!!!

  21. Brian RogersBy Brian Rogers on 3 December, 2009

    I live in Spain and have a contract with Tele2., Recently we moved and asked tele2 to transfer our line to the new address, Sure, 28 to 30 days was there reply. That was 3 months ago – I have a very slow internet, a NEW telephone No, (not transferred as asked for and NO incoming landline calls. They have hundreds of English speaking customers and not one English speaking helpline.
    The helplines are all automated, the e-mail addresses are incoirrect and now I am stuck with the fact that I cannot even cancelk the contract, because I cannot contact them.
    Hope somebody from Tele2 reads this page, maybe then I can speak to a person.

    • Anne SewellBy Anne Sewell on 3 December, 2009

      Hi Brian

      I am SOOOO lucky I didn’t go with these guys! They came to visit me one evening – heavy sales talk and even suggested I look at their website. I did, and it froze my whole system, which they then said was my current ISP! LOL

      I have heard that Jazztel is very good – maybe change to them?