Technorati redesign

Dave Sifry posted on the Technorati blog that Technorati has updated it’s design. And I actually really like it! There’s one thing though… My colleague Roy pointed at the source code, especially the tag cloud… Come on guys, you can do better than that!

Tags: runs on the Genesis Framework

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4 Responses

  1. Paul van VeenendaalBy Paul van Veenendaal on 23 May, 2007

    Sorry Joost,

    I don’t agree with you. I liked the previous design better.
    They still haven’t got a RSS feed for the Popular sections. I emailed them a while ago about this, but I think they don’t care about good feedback …


  2. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 24 May, 2007

    Well there’s no accounting for tastes Paul :) It has been said that this new design appeals better to the younger people among us ;)

  3. SintBy Sint on 25 May, 2007

    I liked the old design but the new one is not bad either.
    Unfortunately, since the new design I have had some problems trying to open my favs-page. Most of the time it shows a blank page. And also the RSS-feed for this page is gone.
    Most of the times, the introducement of a new lay-out means a site will also be introducing some new features and other improvements, so let’s hope this redesign isn’t just a matter of a new look for the site…

  4. Jasja ter HorstBy Jasja ter Horst on 29 May, 2007

    Indeed it’s too bad that they haven’t expanded there functionality, especially the option of viewing popular tags in Rss format like Delicious would be a nice feature.