SEO Ranking Data: Tracking Passively and Actively

20 November 2011 by Joost de Valk » - 20 Comments

On tracking SEO Ranking Data

People ask me at times whether I talk about SEO ranking data with my clients and/or monitor it for them. In almost all cases I do monitor it, in some cases, we talk about them, in a lot of cases we don’t, as it’s just not that reliable of a metric. On the other hand, with »

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Video: Making sure your content is found

31 January 2011 by Joost de Valk » - 15 Comments

Logo Wordcamp Bulgaria

So as you might now, I was in Sofia in October 2010 for WordCamp Bulgaria, last week the presentation I gave there was put on WordPress.tv, so now all of you can enjoy it. It covers SEO and how being remarkable is important for proper SEO. The presentation is titled: Making sure your content is »

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My WordCamp Ireland WordPress SEO Presentation

21 August 2010 by Joost de Valk » - 17 Comments

Early this year I gave a presentation, which has now been edited and will soon appear on WordPress.tv, the fun thing? You can see it here first: [wpvideo width=”540″ height=”300″ jETtjLtJ]

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VideoPress: Web Video, WordPress Style

9 October 2009 by Joost de Valk » - 48 Comments

If you’re looking for our Video SEO plugin, click that link… If you weren’t, you should check it out. It works with VideoPress videos too! This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find a new advertiser had signed on to my blog. The guys at Automattic have placed an ad for VideoPress, and I had »

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Track SEO rankings with Google Analytics

5 January 2009 by André Scholten » - 202 Comments

Some months ago I created a Google Analytics filter that enables you to track your Google rankings. On my own Google Analytics blog I blogged about it and saw there was more interest in it then usual. Joost walked by and offered me to do a guest post on this subject. So here he goes: »

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Measuring SEO: why rankings are worthless

10 September 2008 by Eduard Blacquière » - 63 Comments

While Joost is enjoying his well deserved honeymoon, he asked me to do a post as guest blogger. “As long as it’s anything about search”, he said. Alright, that’s not so hard :) I thought I’d dive into the discussion of search engine rankings and what the value is in SEO. To match the style »

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