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How to optimize your restaurant website

9 February 2016 by Michiel Heijmans - 8 Comments

If you have a restaurant and a restaurant website to go with it, you might want to read this article. We have covered a lot of topics on this website already but have decided to focus a bit more on specific types of websites in a number of posts to come. This one will be about what …

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how to optimize your restaurant website

Ask Yoast: How to clean up old blog posts

23 December 2015 by Joost de Valk - 5 Comments

It’s important to clean up the content of your site and blog regularly. If you’ve been blogging for a while and the amount of content on your blog has grown substantially, it can be quite an overwhelming task though. At we received a question from Ben Anderson about a good process for a spring cleaning of a large blog …

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Ask Yoast: How to handle blog posts that will expire?

24 September 2015 by Joost de Valk

Two weeks ago we asked you to post your SEO question for Yoast on our Facebook page. We loved to see the questions coming in! We’ve chosen (what we considered) the best ones and in the weeks to come, we’ll provide you with answers to the selected questions. The first question that got selected comes from Chris: “How …

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How to incorporate cornerstone content

Cornerstone content should be informative, fun to read and extremely well written. These articles should reflect your business or the mission of your business. Once you have written such awesome content, you would like search engines to notice these pages. You should thus make sure your internal linking structure shows Google that your cornerstone page …

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