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Annelieke’s Analytics: Email performance in Google Analytics

Oh, the wonders of email marketing. It can keep your audience up-to-date whilst hopefully resulting in an increase in sales. But how do you measure the efforts of email marketing? Google Analytics can give you insight into how much of your traffic is generated by email. It’s an interesting tool that can break down the …

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Google Analytics

A/B testing your newsletters

In the whole cycle of optimizing your marketing strategies, your newsletter mustn’t be forgotten. Make sure your newsletter is of added value to your audience and is of high quality. Of course, there’s always something to improve. You can make improvements based on your intuition but why not test that intuition first by A/B testing …

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A/B testing your newsletters

Improving our (plugin) support

20 January 2015 by Thijs de Valk - 5 Comments

As you may know, most of the products and services we sell here at come with support. In fact, the only products we sell that doesn’t come with support are our eBooks. And even for the eBooks you’re obviously welcome to ask us questions! And this post is about just that: our support. I’ll be showing you how we’ve improved …

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Why we moved to email support with HelpScout

17 April 2013 by Joost de Valk - 56 Comments

When we started doing premium WordPress plugins, we also added a support forum to Many people liked this but I was, to be honest, skeptic. My experience with the forums are … Poor, at best. I just don’t think forums work very well, in large part because there is an ever continuing tendency …

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Turn your commenters into subscribers!

31 January 2011 by Joost de Valk - 64 Comments

Only a small percentage of your visitors leave a comment. This group of people is probably also interested in subscribing to your newsletter, if you have one. So I created a method to add a “subscribe to my WordPress newsletter” checkbox to my comment form a couple of weeks ago. The result? 40 new subscribers …

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