More nice plugin news: Customize your community

This will come as no surprise to those subscribed to my WordPress newsletter, but Sugarrae has just released the great Customize Your Community plugin we’ve developed together!

This plugin allows you to force the login, register and profile pages of your blog to use your blog’s current theme instead of the WordPress look and feel!

Tags: runs on the Genesis Framework

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20 Responses

  1. MotorbeamBy Motorbeam on 22 September, 2008

    This plugin seems to be very interesting. However don’t too many plugins slow the design.

  2. Tony MurphyBy Tony Murphy on 23 September, 2008

    Another splendid plug-in Joost. It makes for a nice branding of WordPress installations. I also agree with Motorbeam that too many plugins can be detrimental to a blog, but its a balance between functionality and performance and there are ways to increase the performance of WordPress

  3. sandyBy sandy on 3 October, 2008

    Yeah. it’s really interesting……….Thanks…

  4. James LuffBy James Luff on 29 March, 2009

    HELP… I’m pulling my hair out with this plug-in because I don’t understand what to do. I have two sidebars in my theme and the instructions state:

    You should open up the code for the plugin and look for get_sidebar(); and add the code for your second sidebar either before or after it. It will be up to you to decide what suits you best.

    This is far too vague for my novice brain to comprehend. What plugin code? I’ve looked in cyc.php but get_sidebar(); isn’t in there…

    I think I’ve managed to get the correct code in the three boxes, but it’s exhibiting the behaviour described in the FAQ:

    QUESTION: I’m wondering if there is a way to customize it for layouts with 2 sidebars? I’ve tried everything I can think of, but haven’t been able to make it call both sidebars – or neither sidebar. Right now I get the login/register box fine, but sidebar one shows up under it all messed up.

    So, what do I have to do? I can’t find anywhere else to go for help on this!

  5. James LuffBy James Luff on 10 April, 2009

    Well I got around my previous problem by not using a left sidebar :) But now I have another one, isn’t that always the way!

    When I use this plug-in, it strips out my “PixoPoint Multi-level menu” on the profile page. It works fine on the log-in and register pages. So why does it remove the code from the profile page? I have a call to is in the header.php file, but viewing the generated source of the profile page there is no mention of the menu anywhere! Any ideas?

  6. mariaBy maria on 30 April, 2009

    is there anyone out there that can show me sample code for the 3 boxes in the admin panel? i do not understand the direcitions that have been given. i’m sure they are simple, but they are not making sense to me. can anyone help?

  7. James LuffBy James Luff on 30 April, 2009

    If I were you, I’d forget this plug-in. It’s confusing badly supported and doesn’t offer any flexibility. Give SimpleLogin by Jae Dub a try instead. It’s superb, I’m using it now and haven’t looked back.

    He responds to questions so quickly, I even discovered a couple of bugs which he fixed and emailed me new versions within a couple of hours! He also has another plug-in called “Theme My Login” which is similar to “Customize Your Community” but actually works!

  8. BenBy Ben on 9 July, 2009

    ok, so her’s a weird one… I am using CYC and SEM Author Image WordPress plugins and have altered my author.php so that each registered user gets their own profile page. It looks nice and all but for whatever reason, I can’t seem to get SEM Author Image plugin to work correctly for subscribers in the CYC skinned profile.php page. Any thoughts? I can provide code if necessary.

  9. BenBy Ben on 15 July, 2009

    Ok, so I tried again with with the “User Photo” plugin. Same problem there too. I am still unable to get a regular Subscriber the ability to upload their own photo. It does not seem to be file permissions as I made everything 777 for testing on my test box. Any thoughts?

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 16 July, 2009

      Use gravatar, instead of user photo?

  10. BenBy Ben on 17 July, 2009

    It looks like there must be a few plugin conflicts. Sorry, I will be using the Theme My Login and Theme My Profile plugins to get this working for me.

  11. shriBy shri on 9 September, 2009

    Hey dude, I’m currently working on a site, used your plugin, really like it.
    But i think i found a bug. When a user is loged-in, and enters the /wp-admin or /wp-admin/index.php url, he gets to see the dashboard. Is there a way to do a automatic redirect to the profile page?


  12. SlowhandBy Slowhand on 10 November, 2009


    help, I cant get this plugin to work with Woothemes…

    There are no close div tag after the get_sidebar code…

    I used to get CYC working with Thematic theme…

    Can I post the single.php codes here to let you check w??

  13. SlowhandBy Slowhand on 11 November, 2009

    hello….. any sign???????? I have been waiting for 24 hrs!!!

    Dude please give me a response!!!!

  14. SlowhandBy Slowhand on 11 November, 2009

    I really need your plugin to work!! I have try all those others similar and they are not working like CYC!!!! I need it boss!! Plese can you do this???!!

  15. SlowhandBy Slowhand on 11 November, 2009

    BYW, when I go to
    It gives me an error…

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get_var() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\wp\wp-content\themes\dailyedition\header.php on line 42

    Any idea?

  16. SlowhandBy Slowhand on 11 November, 2009

    actually the link is here,
    but there are no error message shown, i tested it locally, still not working..