Stone Steps Webalizer

Stone Steps Webalizer is the continuation of the original Webalizer project with a lot of new features. The latest version of that original Webalizer is from April 16, 2002 (!!), so work on it was long overdue.

As I have quite some interest in this project, I started compiling it under Debian. I have a setup which runs through 5 sites log files every 30 minutes (yes I AM log crazy), and does so very nicely. More info on that soon!

When you’re running SSW, and you’re output looks broken, don’t forget to put the webalizer.css file into the output directory. Another option is to use a config variable to change the directory of the CSS file. It works like this:

HTMLCssPath	/css/

Now the CSS file should be in the /css/ directory under your website. Now if you do different domains and want different css files for the different domains, you can do this by including different config files for them this way:

Include /path/to/example.conf
Include /path/to/example2.conf

You can then specify specific css files for the different domains. To be honest, i use per domain config files and a small shell script to go through them, but that’s based on my old, original Webalizer setup.

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