Sponsored review: SEO Rank Analysis with Authority Labs

October 04th, 2010 – 15 Comments

As you all know, the first link on a Google search page has, on average, a 40% click through rate.  Another 50%+ of the clicks go to the subsequent links on the page, with remaining clicks being scattered over subsequent pages. Most people will, in fact, search for another term rather than clicking through to Page 2 of a Google Search.

Your rankings matter… That’s why I said yes to being sponsored to review yet another rank monitoring service, because I think this one adds some cool new features that I hadn’t seen before.

AuthorityLabs is a service that will monitor page position for specific keywords over time, just like a couple of other rank tracking services we’ve reviewed in the past. If you are optimizing your website to move yourself onto the first page, this sort of tool might prove critical. It makes it possible for you to see, on a daily basis, where your site ranks relative to hundreds of keywords over many domains.

Using the Rank Tracking Service

To create a monitoring campaign takes just a few seconds.

  • Enter a Domain Name in the search box.
  • Click Add New Domain or Page
  • Add Keywords for AuthorityLabs to monitor.
  • Come back in 24 hours and see some of the results.  More data will be collected, analyzed and visualized over the course of a week.
  • Adjust your link building & search engine optimizing activities and return to the site to see how your work has changed your ranking.

The Rankings Page shows you how your page fares on Google, Yahoo and Bing, and tells you if it has gone up or down in a given time frame. It will make keyword suggestions based on your site content and you can export the collected data via CSV.

What’s very cool and sets this ranking tracker apart from others, is that it’ll also show what kind of results it has found in the search results pages with icons for the specific types of results. So if there are movie results, news results or rich snippets, it’ll tell you that. This is very important data as it might heavily impact your CTR. If you’re result #2, but #3 is a video result, the CTR of your result will be very different (read, lower, usually) than if there are no video results at all.

This also shows you possibilities: if other people are ranking there with a video result, why not try to rank there with your own video and play a bit with Video SEO? If others are getting rich snippets, why shouldn’t you?

It also shows if you’ve had indents or lower page rankings, which can be very important. If you’re #1, and another page on your site is ranking #11 or #12, you know how much work you have to do to get an “indent” on the first page? Not much at all! You see, if that second results comes to #10, Google will automatically group it below your #1 result.

Because it allows you to group your keywords with tags, you can see whether specific groups are doing better or worse. See the screenshot below, or, for a better view, check the live public ranking report for my WordPress related keywords. From there you should be able to click around a bit.

Keyword Rankings by Tag

Keyword Rankigns

Next to rankings it shows keyword suggestions, you can use these to start tracking rankings, but of course they might be good topics to write about too:

Keyword Suggestions

Keyword Suggestions

The Links Pages tells you which pages are most impacting your search engine ranking:

Links to your domain

Links to your domain

The Indexed Pages page shows how many pages on your site are indexed in the different engines, showing you how the improvements over time:

Indexed Pages

The rank tracking service comes in several levels. You can monitor as few as 100 keywords over 10 domains for $24 and up to 1000 keywords over 50 domains for $99.  They offer a 30 day free trial.

In all, I think this is a pretty good service. Having talked to the guys at AuthorityLabs a couple of times while preparing this review (I’ve had the service running a couple of weeks now), I can say that they’re a cool bunch and they’re hard at work at making a good product better.

15 Responses to Sponsored review: SEO Rank Analysis with Authority Labs

  1. Noel
    By Noel on 4 October, 2010

    Thanks for the review, wonder if it will work out given SEOmoz offers quite a number of features (including keyword tracking) for not too much more. Either way, good luck to them…

  2. Pablo Almeida
    By Pablo Almeida on 4 October, 2010

    And when this tool will compare your ranks with the competitors’ rankings? I miss this functionality! :)

  3. Brian - AuthorityLabs
    By Brian - AuthorityLabs on 4 October, 2010

    Noel, SEOmoz’s keyword tracking is very basic compared to AuthorityLabs. Also, their $99 pro plan will only track 250 terms versus AuthorityLabs allowing 1000 for that same price.

    Pablo, you can add in competing sites and track them along side your own.

  4. Dee
    By Dee on 4 October, 2010

    While 1,000 is an improvement over 250, that’s still relatively small for and SEO consultant. Also, a competing product, http://www.seorankmonitor.com tracks up to 2,500 for only $40/month.

  5. Phong
    By Phong on 5 October, 2010

    thank for very detailed review, but I wonder why they don’t make a non-member mode for demos?

  6. Swamykant
    By Swamykant on 5 October, 2010

    Thanks for this detailed review :)

  7. Nihad
    By Nihad on 5 October, 2010

    This is indeed a detailed review. Do you think there are any discounts for this software?


  8. Chase Granberry (AuthorityLabs)
    By Chase Granberry (AuthorityLabs) on 5 October, 2010

    @Phong … if you go to demo.authoritylabs.com you can see what an account looks like all setup. You can even play with it a bit, but we don’t let you add / delete / edit stuff.

    @Nihad there are a couple discount codes around, but you have to be members of certain groups to get them.

  9. Karl
    By Karl on 6 October, 2010

    Nice, i might look at this soon… are you guys looking at report generation at all?

  10. Chase Granberry (AuthorityLabs)
    By Chase Granberry (AuthorityLabs) on 6 October, 2010

    @karl if you mean PDFs by “report generation” then no. You do have the ability to give others access, and limit their access to only certain data. We’ve tried to build everything simple enough for anyone to understand but powerful enough to do some interesting things. We also have a nice feature called that allows you to just pass a link from your account and whoever you give that link to will only have read only access and only be see data for that domain / page. So, I guess you could say they’re dynamic-web based reports which update automatically each day.

  11. Johnny
    By Johnny on 9 October, 2010

    Thanks…always worth trying the 30 day free trial.

  12. Barstole
    By Barstole on 10 October, 2010

    Thanks 4 the great link. This tool could help a lot, as I don’t have the big overview of my seo work, still a newbie!

  13. Ann
    By Ann on 17 October, 2010

    Nice review Yoast, product seems nice compared to SEOmoz however there are cheaper alternatives with at least same functionality such as http://www.seorankmonitor.com which can track 2,500 keywords for your domain(s) and up to 3 competitors for just $39.

  14. Brandon - SEO & Web Design Services
    By Brandon - SEO & Web Design Services on 19 October, 2010

    It’s not suprising that webmasters all over the place sometimes when it comes to analytics. There are so many free tools available online now… I use about 4 tools for analytics, keyword research, traffic ranks, etc. Anymore than that and your bordering along bipolar! :-)

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