Let us configure Yoast SEO for you!

Setting up Yoast SEO Premium might be a chore if you’re not into the ins and outs of SEO. Although we try to make it as simple as possible, we do realize that it might not be “for you”. Wouldn’t it be great if the people who know the plugin inside-out set it up for you? Well, that’s what the Yoast SEO Configuration service does! Our SEO experts will set up Yoast SEO Premium for you and make sure it has the correct settings for your site. This will save you a lot of time and effort. We can even help you if you already have a running install of Yoast SEO.

Of course, if you want to learn how to do this yourself, we’ll help you do that too. Our Yoast SEO for WordPress training is aimed at making sure you can do it all by yourself. But we realize not everyone has the interest and/or the time to figure it all out.

What do we do for you?

We’ll make sure Yoast SEO Premium will be installed properly and has the best settings for your site. This is what we’ll do, step by step:

  • Create a backup of your site;
  • Install and activate the plugin for you – if this hasn’t been done yet;
  • Check if your site is indexable;
  • If you were using another SEO plugin we’ll import the data from this plugin and we’ll transfer redirects if necessary;
  • Go through all Yoast SEO Premium settings and make sure they’re configured best for your type of site;
  • Integrate Yoast SEO Premium with Google Search Console;
  • Install and activate other Yoast plugins you’ve bought.

With or without Yoast SEO Premium

We offer two varieties of the Yoast SEO Configuration service.

Yoast SEO Configuration Package Yoast SEO Configuration
Yoast SEO Premium Without Yoast SEO Premium
Configuration Configuration

If you don’t have Yoast SEO Premium yet

If you are a user of the free version of Yoast SEO, you need to buy the Yoast SEO Configuration package, which includes a Yoast SEO Premium and the Configuration service. We’ll set up the plugin for you so you can be on your way quickly.

If you do have a Yoast SEO Premium

Of course, you can also buy the Configuration service if you already have a Yoast SEO Premium. You can choose to add another year of updates and support to your Yoast SEO Premium, or, if you just want the Configuration service, that’s possible as well.

I use Yoast SEO free and want Premium I use Yoast SEO Premium and want to extend updates and support I use Yoast SEO Premium and just want configuration
Yoast SEO Premium Yoast SEO Premium + 1 year extension of updates and support No extension of updates and support
Configuration Configuration Configuration
Get it NowOnly $169
Get it NowOnly $169
Get it NowOnly $80

If you want to buy configuration packages for multiple sites, please send us an email at sales@yoast.com.

Safety first!

Once you purchase the Yoast SEO Configuration service, we’ll send you an intake form with some basic questions, and then we’ll get going. Of course, we’ll start with making sure there’s a backup of your site, so if anything goes wrong we’re sure we can go back to your old site without issue. We’ll also test the update process, so we’re sure that you’ll be able to update to the latest version of Yoast SEO Premium easily.

Buy Yoast SEO Premium
and have us configure it for you!

You can buy a package of Yoast SEO Premium and the configuration service:

Get it NowOnly $169

Includes Yoast SEO Premium!

Yoast Configuration service

Migration from another SEO plugin

You might have an old site still running on a plugin like All in one SEO pack. Your newer sites are on Yoast SEO but you don’t dare do the migration. Well, we’ll do it for you! We can import data from HeadSpace2, All-in-One SEO, WooThemes SEO, and wpSEO.

All your SEO data like titles and descriptions will be moved over to Yoast SEO Premium and the settings will be set up correctly. Hassle free. We’ll even make sure your Google Analytics tracking keeps working.

Google Search Console setup

We’ll set up the Yoast SEO Google Search Console integration for you and fix the first few errors, so we are 100% sure that it all works. If you purchase any Yoast SEO extensions in the same purchase, like Local SEO and News SEO, we’ll install and activate those for you too!

Buy now!

You can buy a package of Yoast SEO Premium and the configuration!

Note that if you already have Yoast SEO Premium, this purchase will extend support and updates for one more year!

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