SlideShare plugin, now with oEmbed

Last week at SAScon, Bas pointed out to me that SlideShare has a new embed method using an iframe instead of the old fashioned object stuff. So I started updating my SlideShare plugin, and when I was browsing the documentation I noticed they’d also added support for oEmbed since I looked at it.

The funny thing is that their oEmbed API still returns the old code, and that’s there’s no good way to tell up front which width you want for the presentation to be embedded. So I had to hack around a bit, but it works now: the plugin now uses oEmbed to retrieve the correct ID for the presentation and then transforms it into a player of the new style, with the width your theme supports. This means that all you have to do now is enable the URL and enter a SlideShare URL on a line of it’s own and it’ll be embedded.

To be honest though, I’ve found that this is a bit slowish and using the embed code (available under embed -> customize) is still a more reliable and faster embed method. If you use the plugin, be sure to grab the updated SlideShare plugin, now at version 1.8.

Tags: runs on the Genesis Framework

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