Showing linkdata, but not PageRank

March 16th, 2007 – 4 Comments

Barry over at Search Engine Roundtable covered my greasemonkey script for external links, and in the comments, Michael Martinez said:

Why in the world would anyone want to look at Toolbar PageRank with live link data from Google Webmaster’s link tool? That’s like saying, “Give me old, poisoned mayonnaise with my fresh turkey sandwich”.

And this morning, he e-mailed me if I could make a version which doesn’t show the PR, well, of course I can, so I did and I put it up for download as well if anyone else wants it: show anchortext in Google Webmaster Tools.

4 Responses to Showing linkdata, but not PageRank

  1. Joost de Valk
    By Joost de Valk on 16 March, 2007

    For the record: I do agree with him the data is old and not up to date, but it has some value to me… However I can imagine people not bothering :)

  2. Daven
    By Daven on 16 March, 2007

    Joost I agree.. historical data is always must have in this industry.. Pagerank is data, you should be storing up over time and getting trend data from it .

    we will chat on tuesday..


  3. Joost de Valk
    By Joost de Valk on 16 March, 2007

    Yeah, looking forward to it! I’m in a hotel around the corner and coming in on monday around 23:00, so perhaps we can have a beer then ;)

  4. Mark Barrera
    By Mark Barrera on 22 March, 2007

    The only thing about Michael’s comment is that you are not getting any fresh turkey from Google in this case.

    They only update the links that they show you every month or two right now so it is almost as old as the pagerank data they serve up.

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