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Link building for bloggers

27 February 2019 | 28 Comments | Caroline Geven

As your blog grows, the situations you’re dealing with seem to become harder. Whoever says blogging is for the lazy, has not dealt with optimization for search engines, the ever-changing algorithms of Facebook and Instagram, the best practices of Pinterest or the ever dreaded link building. What is link building? Link building means, in short, …

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The Yoast SEO Premium analysis: new vs old

25 October 2018 | 8 Comments | Caroline Geven

Yoast SEO Premium 9.0 fulfills a long-lasting wish of many bloggers and content writers, including me. The Yoast SEO premium analysis is able to do something it has never done before: take word forms into account (amongst other things). As one of Yoast’s linguists pointed out: “Google knows word forms, so should we.” Testing the …

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word forms, related keyphrase and synonyms in Yoast SEO premium analysis

Blog post images: Why use them and where to get them

13 September 2018 | 37 Comments | Caroline Geven

For the bloggers who started building websites in the early 00s, blogging was ‘just’ writing an update on your life or writing a tutorial. Photos were  not usual and if you had photos, you made sure the title of the blog post contained something like: ‘warning: image heavy’. Today, you cannot imagine posting a blog …

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