SEOktoberfest 2010: looking forward to it!

Marcus just posted the trailer to SEOktoberfest 2010, and it’s going to be another awesome edition of this epic conference / party / network event. I wasn’t there last year (my daughter was about to be born, seems a valid excuse) but I’ll definitely be there this year!

You’ve seen it scroll by if you checked out the video, but here’s the speaker line up, and do realize when you look at it that more speakers will be announced later on:

  1. Marcus Tandler
  2. SEO Blackhat
  3. Bob Rains
  4. Johannes “Sistrix” Beus
  5. Dave Naylor
  6. Greg & Barbara Boser
  7. rSnake
  8. Frank Watson
  9. Brent Csutoras
  10. Avi Wilensky
  11. me, myself and I

There will be 16 experts total, and only 18 attendees. That is what we call attention for our attendees! Now some of you might want to come, but… You can’t buy tickets just yet…

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5 Responses

  1. AussiewebmasterBy Aussiewebmaster on 22 June, 2010

    Love how Greg and Barbara are counted as one – guess Greg is the one being carried in that duo – lol

  2. mondex1By mondex1 on 23 June, 2010

    I am sure it will be a very good conference. Big names in the industry = VERY GOOD CONFERENCE.

  3. AdamBy Adam on 24 June, 2010

    Germany Beer and SEO the perfect combination