SEOdays was great, even though Google messed up

March 26th, 2007 – 2 Comments

Ok, so a lot of people asked me what I thought of SEOdays. The headline says it all, I’ve met some very cool people, Jennifer Sleggand David Naylor, but also Jason Duke and Johan Terpstra, a Dutch guy who’s lived in the UK for quite a while now, and many, many UK SEO’s, all of them good guys and girls to chat with.

The level of discussion was high, and I’ve learned quite a bit. Quite a bit of good info went through the room, coming from Dave and Jen and other attendees, and also from speakers like Andrew Buckman from Yahoo! and Mel Carson from MSN.

The guys from Conversion Rate Experts went above and beyond when the electricity dropped out on Wednesday, and they went out to find a room in which they could give us their presentation anyway. They found one, proving that they will do anything needed to get the job done. Their presentation was awesome, and I hope that for any future SEOdays attendees, these guys will be there.

Now this was all perfect, and I shared this and more with my colleagues. One thing I didn’t discuss with them until now, because it didn’t make ANY sense. Google sent in two account strategists, nice ladies, but a bit meager compared to the two hot shots Yahoo! and MSN sent in. They also grossly underestimated the knowledge level of the people in the room.

They talked about setting up accounts, and how to make a good campaign, and how in the end, you might want to use the AdWords API to do cool stuff on your campaign. Now consider this: there were at least 10 people in there, who use the AdWords API on a daily basis in their companies!!

2 Responses to SEOdays was great, even though Google messed up

  1. Oliver Nielsen
    By Oliver Nielsen on 11 March, 2009

    Maybe Google sent those ladies by purpose? As in “you people don need to know nottin’g my friende” ?

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