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seo-toolbar-logoA while ago Aaron released his SEO Toolbar for Firefox, and while I’ve been using it I’ve never actually shown it here on my blog, even though it’s become one of my default SEO tools. As this toolbar comes with a slew of features that are probably best described by just showing them, I’ve made a quick video:

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34 Responses

  1. Jaan KanellisBy Jaan Kanellis on 27 March, 2009

    Just stopped working for me in FireFox 3.0.7 so I uninstalled it. Any one know of any bugs with this version of FF and the SEO toolbar. I really like it to.

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 28 March, 2009

      I’ve emailed Aaron about it, hope he fixes it!

  2. Jaan KanellisBy Jaan Kanellis on 27 March, 2009

    Trying to subscribe :)

  3. Kyle JamesBy Kyle James on 27 March, 2009

    Absolutely agree. This thing is a beast! You didn’t even show the Rank Checker which use to be a pretty awesome toolbar in and off it self, but got rolled up into this one. Also the highlight no follow link option, view source in a tab (instead of a new window), the age of the site and MUCH MUCH more.

    Don’t leave home without it.

  4. zplits | what's the latest?By zplits | what's the latest? on 27 March, 2009


    Must give it a try. By the way, have you heard about Brad Callen? and it’s SEO softwares? Any advice?

  5. Domain SuperstarBy Domain Superstar on 27 March, 2009

    I am definitely a big fan of the SEO Book tools. I use the SEO for Firefox extension all the time.

    Probably my favorite tools are at SEO Book, our tools at Domain Superstar (my favorite is the type-in traffic finder and our new Google Maps mashup geo domain finder tool), and the tools from SEO Moz.

    Good idea with the tutorial video for the SEO Book Toolbar.

  6. RichardBy Richard on 27 March, 2009

    I’ve used the Rank Checker and SEO4Firefox and found it to be an excellent tool, even though I’m just starting up. They really helped me get on my feet and I’m going to get the toolbar now too.


  7. BillyGBy BillyG on 27 March, 2009

    Interesting, after all this time I just grabbed their feed 30 minutes ago!

  8. MascaliBy Mascali on 28 March, 2009

    Same probleme here, in my Firefox 3.07 I have installed this plugins: Seo4Fire, DTwhois, Google global, DND, Session Manager, IViewand Inform enter: any suggestion? (maybe Goolge toolbar conflict?)

    Thank you

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 28 March, 2009

      As said above: I’ve emailed Aaron about it, hope he fixes it!

  9. aaron wallBy aaron wall on 28 March, 2009

    I am currently using Firefox 3.0.7 and the SEO Toolbar is working great for me.

    Can you guys let me know specifically what problem you are having? It is hard for me to troubleshoot if it is a configuration issue or something more extreme unless we have more details.

    A screenshot would be quite helpful :)

  10. George BounacosBy George Bounacos on 29 March, 2009

    Aaron, I was going to ping you too, but happened across this thread. I put a gif in my home directory for what I think they’re talking about here.


  11. George BounacosBy George Bounacos on 30 March, 2009

    Oops, sorry, forgot specs.

    Vista Home Premium SP1
    Firefox 3.0.8 (but it was this way on 3.07 and earlier too)
    Other toolbars running: Raven, Stumble, Bookmarks, Navigation

    Ping me if you want on Twitter or something, Aaron. I’ll be in the office all day and can beta stuff for y ou.


  12. AgentBy Agent on 30 March, 2009

    This is an awesome. I understand its still on its early stages, but I cannot believe something as valuable as this can be let go for free. SEOmoz guys have a much weaker toolbar and they charge to use full features.
    SEOBook toolbar could maybe work a little bit more on its toolbar design, because some icons (especially XRay) look so 90-ish.

  13. Jaan KanellisBy Jaan Kanellis on 30 March, 2009

    Aaron basically nothing shows after it is installed. Just pipes and the SEO toolbar logo.

  14. SEOBy SEO on 9 April, 2009

    Thanks you. i like research kw at

  15. Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009By Kampanye Damai Pemilu Indonesia 2009 on 12 April, 2009

    Great post. I have you bookmarked to show this information to my friend.

  16. thecontriverBy thecontriver on 14 April, 2009

    Thanks for highlighting the seo toolbar. Its a great little thing to have some of this info at the click of a button. I have been hitting your articles about SEO as well as a couple of your plugins. Thanks for all the support.

  17. Fire AgentBy Fire Agent on 15 April, 2009

    This toolbar was a great assest but is not working with Firefox 3.0.8. This toolbar crashed few other extensions as well, most notably WebDeveloper Toolbar. After disabling SEO Toolbar, WebDev toolbar worked again.

    I hope Aaron sees this and manages to find a fix. Currently what’s left of toolbar is only the SEOToolbar logo and everything else is blank (unclickable)

  18. Decky H. RoorohBy Decky H. Rooroh on 22 April, 2009

    Just read it. I like your post.

  19. RickyBy Ricky on 30 April, 2009

    Not sure why but movie is not loading…!?!?!

  20. Sarap YeriBy Sarap Yeri on 11 May, 2009

    Yeah, i am using their toolbar also :)

  21. TravisBy Travis on 16 May, 2009

    Simply amazing toolbar!

    I’ve been using Google Toolbar, then SEOQuake but this easily replaces them for me.


  22. aaron wallBy aaron wall on 17 May, 2009

    Well I just realized that I forgot to follow up for those who had a question about it not working :(

    1.) The toolbar works for most people (or I would be getting lots of complaints)
    2.) The most common issue when it does not work can be fixed by following the tips here

  23. LauBy Lau on 21 May, 2009

    Look pretty interesting. Just started using it on my work-comp.


  24. SEO Basic GuideBy SEO Basic Guide on 24 May, 2009


    Can I download the SEO toolbar for IE because it’s says that it’s FF extension. I tried to download it but I’m getting error on the page

  25. eGruve.comBy on 9 June, 2009

    thanks for the tip and I am going to try it.

  26. BigTimeUps.comBy on 12 August, 2009

    If you are just starting out, the SEO toolbar can be a little intimidating. It’s like drinking from a firehouse. But like many powerful tools, once you get used to it, you can’t live without it.

  27. TerryBy Terry on 21 September, 2009

    Look pretty interesting.Thanks very much!

  28. Rumah For saleBy Rumah For sale on 24 October, 2009

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