SEO Link Analysis 1.0.4

SEO Link AnalysisYahoo released the new SiteExplorer, which forced me to fix the SEO Link Analysis extension, which now works again with Yahoo’s new interface (it won’t work on the old one anymore).

Microsoft has also updated their webmaster portal, I’m currently figuring out how to include that again, but have for now disabled it. So go check it out and enjoy the new tool!

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24 Responses

  1. martijnBy martijn on 22 August, 2008

    great that you were able to fix this before your holidays!

  2. ralph du plessisBy ralph du plessis on 24 August, 2008

    Hi Joost,

    I’ve installed it, but can’t find it. How do I use the tool?



  3. yvonhBy yvonh on 24 August, 2008

    Great job Joost as usual. BTW Aaron Wall had to update its Firefox SEO plugin theses days also because of the change in the code of the Google SERPs. One question why did Google do that? New features?

  4. q5webdesignBy q5webdesign on 25 August, 2008

    Klinkt heel erg goed allemaal. Laat ik deze eens gaan proberen. Bedankt!!

  5. RyanBy Ryan on 25 August, 2008

    How do you use this? Installed but cannot find where it is? Documentation would help.

  6. Elegance in DesignBy Elegance in Design on 27 August, 2008

    Fantastic tool, as usual. Keep up with the tools–we love ‘em!

  7. TedBy Ted on 29 August, 2008

    Same here, installed but can’t find it. Preferences are disabled tools/addons. In G webmaster tools nothing is shown. I have firefox 3.0.1. No problems during installation. Bet it is a handy tool, though.
    Could you help?

  8. BeijingBy Beijing on 31 August, 2008

    Really nice to hear that it is upgraded, so I can use it with yahoo again.

  9. Goran Web design newbieBy Goran Web design newbie on 31 August, 2008

    Thank you, will try it out. Trying to get the hang of all these awesome tools we can install on Firefox.

  10. Moda + MujerBy Moda + Mujer on 1 September, 2008

    this is a really good addon, I also use searchstatus and Linkharvester.

  11. Webmaster ResourcesBy Webmaster Resources on 7 September, 2008

    Whoo, bedankt voor de fix! echt toppie! (Y)

  12. nikolBy nikol on 8 September, 2008

    this is a really good addon

  13. AndrewBy Andrew on 8 September, 2008

    Anyone else finding that this is returning the following javascript error: Error: document.getElementById(“seschp”) is null

    Joost – Any ideas?

  14. Florida SEOBy Florida SEO on 11 September, 2008

    Yeah … I’m having the same seschp error too …

  15. seo company indiaBy seo company india on 15 September, 2008

    SiteExplorer is a great tool for frequent reality checks.

  16. johnBy john on 15 September, 2008

    backlink searches in Yahoo now popup a javascript error every time

    Error: document.getElementById(”seschp”)

    Others have reported the same problem (on other websites), and like myself, we are all using Windows XP and Firefox 3.

  17. youfoundjakeBy youfoundjake on 21 September, 2008

    I love the link analysis tool, particularly in Yahoo’s site explorer since they tend to report the most back links, now if only i could get more of those links to be black with high numbers instead of yellow links with strike-throughs…

    Thanks for taking the time to build it Joost.
    Congrats on the wedding!!!!

  18. AndrewBy Andrew on 30 September, 2008

    Hi Joast,

    Any updates on the following error?

    Error: document.getElementById(”seschp”)

    I’m using FF 3.0 and it might be worth noting I have rankchecker, seoquake, and greasemonkey also installed, although haven’t been able to stop the error by disabling other addons.


  19. Billy HowtonBy Billy Howton on 24 October, 2008 is an awesome tool. I found it from your this post. It is really helpful to lots of beginners SEO Experts. Thanks.

  20. Rosario ToscanoBy Rosario Toscano on 17 July, 2009

    Hi, congratulation for the tool!

    I’d like to know: is not possible to download the results of your link analysis, from del GWT?

  21. seo expert puneBy seo expert pune on 16 September, 2009

    Thanks for sharing SEO Link Analysis details, I will book mark this page.

  22. SEO SpecialistBy SEO Specialist on 16 September, 2009

    Great Post, I usually use Yahoo’s Site Explorer Tool to find out the total no. of indexed pages.
    Thanks for the post.

  23. SEO PuneBy SEO Pune on 3 November, 2009

    Nice to hear from you. will try this..