SEO Link Analysis 1.0.3!

SEO Link AnalysisI’ve been receiving “complaints” from quite a few people the last few weeks that my SEO Link Analysis plugin for Firefox stopped working on Yahoo! Site Explorer. It took some time, (actually it took 20 minutes, but it took some time to find that time) but I’ve fixed it now, so go download the new version of SEO Link Analysis!

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14 Responses

  1. edwinBy edwin on 6 June, 2008

    Joost, did you already perform a tryout in FF 3 ?

  2. RichardBy Richard on 7 June, 2008

    Thanks Joost. Much appreciated!

  3. Brett BordersBy Brett Borders on 11 June, 2008

    Yeah! Thanks a lot. I love this tool.

  4. GustavoBy Gustavo on 11 June, 2008

    Hi Joost, I was really glad when I find out through your Blog that the SEO Link Analysis tool was working again, I updated the plugin. That’s one of the most useful tools I have used. Unfortunately to my surprise it’s not working, it just gives me a few results, top 20 and then stops working. Thanks for all the good intentions.

  5. AaronBy Aaron on 12 June, 2008

    Sweet, looks good, thx.

  6. Brett T. SmithBy Brett T. Smith on 16 June, 2008

    This is a great tool, thanks for making it available to everyone for free and keeping it up to date.

    You Rock!


  7. DrewBy Drew on 16 June, 2008

    Thanks Joost! This plugin was fantastic when it was working.

    Many thanks for the upgrade :)

  8. MaryBy Mary on 16 June, 2008

    Thank you — this sounds really good. I downloaded your extension for the first time but cannot locate it in Firefox. Where will I find the SEO Link Analysis Extension?

  9. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 16 June, 2008

    Go to Yahoo’s siteexplorer and check external links for a site, and you’ll see it :)

  10. MaryBy Mary on 16 June, 2008

    Thank you, Joost, for the added information, but I am still not seeing anything new. I am sure the download worked because I had to restart Firefox. I don’t know what I am looking for. Should there be something new added to the toolbars? or ?

    Thanks for your help,

  11. LidaBy Lida on 25 July, 2008

    thank you very much for this tool

  12. GustavoBy Gustavo on 25 July, 2008

    Great tool Joost, unfortunately it’s not working. It only gives results for the first 20, then stops. Hope you can solve this issue soon, I have found this tool to be very important on my reports. Thanks.

  13. MartinBy Martin on 24 October, 2008

    Thanks. The new download seems to be working now.

  14. Alberto JonesBy Alberto Jones on 24 October, 2008

    Yes, it is working better. But still I have to see some more things.