SEO Campixx 2012

SEO Campixx 2012

SEO Campixx 2012

March 15th, 2012 – 5 Comments

SEO Campixx 2012I spoke at SEO Campixx 2012 in Berlin last weekend. It was an awesome conference and I met up with loads of good friends. During that time I was interviewed and my presentation was recorded, so I’ll let you view both below:

My presentation on how to use my WordPress SEO plugin (warning, I was a bit groggy and it shows), was recorded by Webschorle.

My interview with Tobias Fox:

5 Responses to SEO Campixx 2012

  1. Tobi Fox
    By Tobi Fox on 28 March, 2012

    Hi Joost,

    I enjoyed our interview a lot. Hope to see you soon, somewhere conferency :)

    Take care,

  2. Peter Dancewicz
    By Peter Dancewicz on 22 March, 2012

    Good Good work on your new plug in. I’ll be installing it into all my clients’ website from now on.

  3. Bronnie
    By Bronnie on 17 March, 2012

    Good interview and I always look forward to your weekly newsletter. I have just published a WP website using mostly static pages. I am using the All in One plugin which limits some automatic SEO functions on static pages. My question is would your plugin handle pages differently?

  4. Sulistyo
    By Sulistyo on 16 March, 2012

    You’re a nice guy on great interview.. i’m new on wordpress, love your blog n your tutorials very much…

  5. Mouad Khateb
    By Mouad Khateb on 15 March, 2012

    Cool. I liked the interview, and liked your modesty :)
    It is very admirable that you are married and have 3 kids too.
    All the best :)
    ( using your plugin on my blogs at )

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