Running multiple Mint instances? Make updating easier!

I run three instances of Mint, and if I worked “the normal way” doing one of it’s rather frequent updates would mean having to copy the same files three times. Since I’m lazy, I don’t feel like doing that. What I’ve done is pick one “main” Mint install, and symlink all files in other directories except the config file to that directory.

Symlinking those things is easy, for instance for I did this:

cd /var/www/
mv pepper pepper_old
ln -s /var/www/ .[/code]

Repeat this for the app and styles directories, and for the index.php file, and the next time you're updating, you only have to copy your files once!

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5 Responses

  1. Kay in t VeenBy Kay in t Veen on 26 April, 2007

    You genius, i still need to buy a license to test it out on my own blog.. seems to be a cool apps.

  2. RoyBy Roy on 28 April, 2007

    Hmm, I’m not yet convinced why i should buy a license, i’m very happy with Google Analytics. Although it looks great and has some nice features, it really doesn’t float my boat yet…

  3. Kay in t VeenBy Kay in t Veen on 29 April, 2007

    Yes your right, i like google analytics allot. but i want to see more about referrals and google is a bit limited on that one!

  4. TroshichevBy Troshichev on 15 January, 2008