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What does Yoast Video SEO add?

Yoast Video SEO

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Yoast SEO Free 
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Show your videos in the search engines
Videos in the search results are a great eye-catcher and increase traffic to your site. Yoast generates all necessarily structured data/ automatically to get this done!

Manually add code to your site or have no videos in the search engines

Ensures fast loading times for pages with videos
Don’t leave your viewers waiting. Yoast Video SEO ensures faster loading times for your pages by utilizing asynchronous JavaScript for video delivery.

Slower site speed when you add videos to your site.
Make your videos easy to watch with responsive sizing
Yoast Video SEO makes your videos fit perfectly on desktops, phones, or tablets.
Manually add code and do a lot of browser testing to make your videos responsive. 

Get video previews when people share your video
You’re not in control of who shares your videos. With automatic OpenGraph tags, Yoast ensures that your video preview appears properly on mediums like Facebook or Slack. 

Manually add OpenGraph tags to your site.
Increase clicks with good-looking thumbnails
The thumbnail is the first thing people see. Increase the click rate on your videos with custom thumbnails and a preview of how they look. 
Manually specify your organization type in the code.
Automatic XML Video sitemaps
Yoast automatically generates your Video sitemap so that your video content is immediately picked up by search engines.  
Manually add your XML Video sitemap
Includes support for many major video platforms
Be on the platform that first you and your website the best. Yoast Video SEO supports major platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and VideoPress.  
Have no platform support.
Get 24/7 premium support
Our knowledgeable support team will personally help you with every question you ask through email.
No support
You can help yourself with our extensive knowledge database. There are over 580 articles, so your question is definitely in there.