New Plugin: RSS Shortcode

Yesterday, while working on a project for Springer Uitgeverij, I was amazed to find out there is no simple RSS Shortcode plugin, that simply allows you to do this:

And then that would show the feed you’d specified. Well, now there is: the RSS Shortcode plugin. It looks like this, when functioning (with excerpts set to false):

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31 Responses

  1. HirveshBy Hirvesh on 1 July, 2009

    Well done Joost! When I was on WordPress, I had this same problem. I was trying to build a news site on WordPress…but it failed miserably.

  2. MitulBy Mitul on 1 July, 2009

    I was looking for the exact same thing!

    Well done.


  3. Jimi WikmanBy Jimi Wikman on 1 July, 2009

    Great plugin!
    I’ll use it on the new website :)

  4. FoxinniBy Foxinni on 1 July, 2009

    Great use of a shortcode! The more i keep thinking of it the more these things make sense.

    Wel gedaan!

  5. Farrhad A | Webmaster PeersBy Farrhad A | Webmaster Peers on 1 July, 2009

    Nice use of short code Joost!
    I am giving it a shot.

  6. Justin ParksBy Justin Parks on 1 July, 2009

    Maybe my brain isn’t in gear today. I don’t get it (sorry).

  7. JoshBy Josh on 1 July, 2009

    Shortcodes are awesome. Very cool, Joost!

  8. Jens SwelsonBy Jens Swelson on 1 July, 2009

    You’re not the only one Justin..

    Can someone explain to me what this plugin exactly does?

  9. Charles GoldieBy Charles Goldie on 1 July, 2009

    Does this plugin work for WordPress 2.8? and how do you use it in wordpresss?

  10. IComic.caBy on 1 July, 2009

    Thanks for the plugin, got it all setup on the site, perfect!

  11. Matthew HaberBy Matthew Haber on 1 July, 2009

    I don’t believe this. No way you got a client.

  12. RichardBy Richard on 2 July, 2009

    Cool. Thanks very much. Very useful.

  13. Jonathan DingmanBy Jonathan Dingman on 2 July, 2009

    Great work Joost, we have a plugin that does this very thing coming out soon. It’s a little more robust and more advanced then this simple version, but this is great for people that don’t need too much extra beef. Great work!

  14. Lyndon IrvineBy Lyndon Irvine on 2 July, 2009

    Hi Joost,

    Thanks a lot. Awesome.
    Can I add this to a widget
    and have it display?

  15. Boris Mahovac - eMarketing CoachBy Boris Mahovac - eMarketing Coach on 2 July, 2009

    Just installed this on WP 2.6.2.


    [rss feed="" num="10" excerpt="false"/]


    I get an error message.

  16. DaveBy Dave on 3 July, 2009

    all I get is page cannot be found when I go to

  17. Boris Mahovac - eMarketing CoachBy Boris Mahovac - eMarketing Coach on 3 July, 2009

    Hi Joost,

    I tried this on WP 2.7 in WordPress Default 1.6 theme.

    Same error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function esc_url()

    BTW, this time I used your own RSS feed

    What’s wrong?

  18. Wesley BrasilBy Wesley Brasil on 6 July, 2009

    Yoast, this plugin is very cool!
    I think would be great if you publish something related to caching RSS.

    I developed a widget system that uses RSS, and works fine with wordpress.
    But the requests from the feed make the server crazy! hehehehe!

    Have some idea about this?

  19. Murray WoodmanBy Murray Woodman on 7 July, 2009

    Nice one. Much better than having to resort to templates which I have had to do in the past. Thanks.

  20. Oskari OhmanBy Oskari Ohman on 7 July, 2009

    What’s the function and benefit of this plugin is exactly?

  21. Ruben TimmermanBy Ruben Timmerman on 7 July, 2009

    Actually, the WordPress plugin Feedlist does exactly this, but with a bit more options:

    Haven’t tried Joost’s plugin yet, it might be simpler to use. If you want to expand it, Joost, please add functionality to change the HTML that’s displayed before and after each feed item, and item title, etc. :)

  22. geneBy gene on 7 July, 2009

    feedburner has the same option, it generates code you can paste into your page that will pull headlines and has a few more options. It uses javascript i am wondering if this way is less heavy for page load.

  23. Rob BlattBy Rob Blatt on 7 July, 2009

    I used the exact shortcode you have in the post and getting the same error message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function esc_url()

  24. gadgetBy gadget on 7 July, 2009

    The MultiFeedSnap plugin may also be of interest to your readers, whilst it doesn’t deliver the shortcode, it does allow users to publish the full feed.

    MultiFeedSnap Plugin

  25. ScottBy Scott on 7 July, 2009

    Hi Yoast! This plugin is totally awesome!! Combined with LiveCatagory Bookmarks, you can create a related post plugin in a snap with just about any feed. LCBookmarks allows for tag feeds so I was able use an artist tag feed with your plugin to create a related post section on an artist page.


  26. TimBy Tim on 14 July, 2009

    Beautiful. Simply. Beautiful ;-) Keep it up! I love passing people along to you and your site. Impeccable resource!

  27. phijheBy phijhe on 15 August, 2009

    how to RSS feed become random

  28. DeborahBy Deborah on 28 August, 2009

    Doesn’t work for me either. syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘

    A bit frustrating to have this promoted, read the responses that people have issues, and there’s no response from the plugin creator on how to resolve the issue.

  29. NitsBy Nits on 6 November, 2009

    RSS plugin work wonderfull with the wordpress.

  30. RoyBy Roy on 20 November, 2009

    Thanks for this plugin… just what I needed for one of my wordpress blogs. Cheers.