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Version reviewed:1.5
Author:David Artiss
Plugin URL:Website

Summary: YouTube Embed provides simple methods to embed YouTube video's. It could use some cleaning and rely on WordPress core functionality more, but it works.

A simple method to embed YouTube video’s, that’s what I was expecting when I started testing this plugin. I was hopeful after reviewing the plugins page on, that gave a lot of information on how to use the plugin.


First of you start by going to the plugin’s admin page, that’s simple, although it has a lot of settings, but it’s easily understandable. You can embed video’s in several ways using this plugin, and it has a big logo for embedplus, because it supports its embed methods too. The good thing about embedding a video like this is that it allows you to change the width, height and colors of your embeds when you switch themes. I wish, as I’ve done for several plugins, that it would take $content_width as a default width for the video, but it doesn’t.

After that you can embed video’s using a shortcode, in between the shortcode you have to put the video ID of the YouTube video. It doesn’t work with the full URL of the video, something I was trying and hoping would work. The plugin adds a button to the TinyMCE editor that does not much more than just output the youtube shortcode, would be cool if this allowed you to paste a Youtube URL and it would extract the ID.

The plugin also allows for youtube playlists and thumbnails to be embedded using shortcodes, seems quite ok in what it does there.

Code Quality

I test all these plugins with WP_DEBUG set to true on the latest stable version of WordPress, and this one throws a lot of notices, usually not a very good sign of code quality. The plugin doesn’t use the WordPress HTTP API, which it should. It wraps checks around CURL nicely to check whether it’s there but all that complexity isn’t needed. It’d also be better if the plugin used one class for its functionality, or rather two: one for the frontend and one for the backend. Function names like youtube_button are just too generic and could collide with other plugins easily.

On the admin side, this plugin should use the WordPress settings API and / or a proper nonce implementation, right now there are some security issues, although the settings aren’t really that scary.

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