Version reviewed:2.2.0
Author:Eric Hough
Plugin URL:Website

Summary: This is the plugin to use if you want to display a Youtube or Vimeo channel, or your favorite video's. It works well and is well documented.

TubePress helps you easily move your YouTube or Vimeo video’s into your blog, using a simple shortcode in a page as its basis.


It took me a couple of minutes to figure out that I only had to throw the tubepress shortcode into a page to make that page into a TubePress gallery. Easy as pie. The settings panel of this plugin is fairly well done, although I would prefer it if settings panels stuck to the use of a completely native WordPress look and feel.

There are a lot of options to set, but without doing much it already works, after which you can start tweaking, that’s the way it should be in a plugin! Other than the almost likewise named TubePress.Net, this plugin doesn’t just embed an object tag, so you can still change things around if you want to, such as sizes etc.


There’s extensive documentation and an active forum for this plugin on the plugin’s website. The plugin author seems to also check the plugin forum every once in a while. A paid version with more support is also available. In all: scoring points here.

Code Quality

The code of this plugin is of very high quality, though it does seem to duplicate some code from the WordPress API within it’s own API, it has, for instance, a copy of the HTTP API. I’m not sure that’s a wise decision: if there ever was a security issue in the HTTP API a fix to the core API wouldn’t fix the plugin. Other than that: it’s well documented code that seems very well done.

A slight pet peeve I could have after that is that the plugin is lacking a Settings link on the Plugins page, but if that’s all I’ve got to whine, you’re doing quite well.

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