Version reviewed:3.2.1
Author:Mario Mansour
Plugin URL:Website

Summary: Don't use this one. There's far smarter ways to handle YouTube vids and this one is bound to give you issues in the future.

Not to be mistaken for the other YouTube plugin that’s called just “TubePress“, this plugin helps you import YouTube video’s in your site. It seems to do what it says on the tin: it imports YouTube video’s into your posts. It’s not particularly smart about it though and I don’t see much of an added value for using it.

Of course the name of this plugin is a mess, why it’s even allowed to have a plugin called when there’s also one called just TubePress is beyond me.


The way it works is as follows: I import a YouTube video by ID, it then creates a new post with a template, according to settings I specify, and embeds the object tag within that. Now, what it does wrong is that it embeds the object tag, instead of embedding a shortcode. Now, when I change themes and the movie would actually look better at a smaller size, I have to fix all these movies. Stupid.

The backend is also clunky. Why can’t the plugin author add something that will determine a proper height to go with my width? Or even better, let me specify either width or height, and automatically adjust the video output to match the aspect ratio of the movie.


There’s a site for the plugin that’s plastered with ads and doesn’t seem to offer a whole lot of support, there are no open threads on the WordPress forums for the plugin.

Code Quality

The code quality can be summarized by one word: poor. It uses a class called “youtube”. A developer should always add his own namespace to a class, not use a rather generic name like that, as it’s bound to collide with other plugins (read more on namespaces).

The plugin has a few settings pages, all of which come with a PayPal button, that’s fine with me, but he’s using base64_encode and base64_decode to add those to the page, as he’s apparently afraid people will remove those or something. Stupid.

The plugin uses Snoopy instead of the WordPress HTTP API. It doesn’t use the options API, nor does it use nonces to take care of possible security issues.

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