Simple and great plugin that does what it says on the tin: add PayPal donation buttons easily to your site. If you want one, this plugin is a great solution.


Printfriendly makes it easy to add a Print/PDF button to your pages. It has a slight speed penalty, but if you need the functionality, it’s quite good.


Don’t use this plugin if SEO is something you care about. There are other print plugins that can help you do this in a cleaner way with less of an SEO risk.


YouTube Embed provides simple methods to embed YouTube video’s. It could use some cleaning and rely on WordPress core functionality more, but it works.


For a very simple way to embed Facebook Comments, this plugin is great. If you want to override the default WordPress comments, pick another one.

Facebook Comments for WordPress | A WordPress plugin that enables visitors to comment on blog posts using their Facebook account

If you want to use Facebook comments on your blog this is a fairly ok plugin, be sure to take your time set it up correctly though, it’s somewhat complex.


If you need related posts just to entice your readers, this plugin is a great fit. If you also want related posts for your SEO, which is often the case, don’t use this plugin.


This is the plugin to use if you want to display a Youtube or Vimeo channel, or your favorite video’s. It works well and is well documented.


Don’t use this one. There’s far smarter ways to handle YouTube vids and this one is bound to give you issues in the future.