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Version reviewed:1.7.1
Author:Gadgets Choose
Plugin URL:Website

Summary: If you can find a use for this plugin, you're a smarter man than me. Don't use it.

This is one of those plugins you’ll have to install to figure out what it does, since the page for it is completely unreadable. The issue is though that as soon as I install it, the plugin doesn’t do anything out of the box and thus doesn’t learn me much either. If you’re unwilling to invest the time to make a good page for your plugin on, you’ll probably not attract a whole lot of users, so that’s 1 star gone right there.


When you go to the edit or add post screen, you’ll suddenly see a box on the right hand side, below post tags etc. It doesn’t contain much of an explanation but after reading around a bit I found out I was supposed to drop a width and height as well as a video URL in there. Doing that resulted in an object being loaded in my test site, but it didn’t work.

There’s also a widget, that apparently “does stuff”, but I couldn’t for the live of me figure out what in the 20-30 minutes I spent with this plugin. There are also support for Shortcodes for social buttons, but for what reason, I don’t know.

Then, as a kicker, there’s an “Enter Analytics Code” page, with no reference that it’s for this particular plugin or any other documentation. In all: I couldn’t get this plugin to do anything useful for me.

Code Quality

This plugin’s code is, to be honest, far better than it’s documentation. That doesn’t make it good though: it’s just less bad. The plugin inserts all sorts of inline styling into your page when you use it, which I think should at the very least be something you can disable. The plugin does use the latest WordPress API’s as far as I can tell, which is good, but since I can find no use for it, it won’t help much in its rating.

Post author: Joost de Valk

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