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What is in WordPress Cron? Cron View shows you!
Version reviewed:1.0.2
Author:Simon Wheatley
Plugin URL:Website

Summary: A simple plugin to look at the active WP-cron jobs, displaying the next due, schedule and the hook called. Easy & useful for developers playing with cron!

When you work on a WordPress site that has more than a couple of cron jobs, sometimes you really lack the interface to be able to see what’s in cron. This plugin fills that gap by giving you just that, once you install and activate, it gives you a view of what’s in the WP Cron on a page that’s aptly called “What’s in Cron?”. You have to love simplicity.

This is what it looks like:

What is in WordPress Cron? Cron View shows you!

Usage of Cron View

It’s very simple. You install, you activate, you go to Settings -> What’s in Cron. You’re done. On its page the author talks about adding all sorts of functionality but to be honest, that’s hardly needed, it’s not like “average” users will start adding WP-cron events, developers do that. They just need a way of looking at the cron jobs in place.

Code Quality

The plugin is very well written, well documented and overall reasonably simple, not that you’d need to tinker with it because it does what it needs to do already.

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