Reputation Management done right

Danny was doing the right thing today. He made a mistake, and corrected it. This is what reputation management is all about. Not all SEO’s are spammers, and we all have to work hard to make sure people stop seeing all SEO’s as such. The last sentence from the article:

I’d love to push the reset button, take the responsibility for having done a stupid thing and hope the community can move on.

We can move on, but we also have to learn. And I was in the lucky circumstance today, that I could immediately prevent myself from making the same sort of mistake Danny did. I found a way to get a juice passing link from a major search engine today, and this posts initial content detailed how to do that. Reading Danny’s post made me decide not to do that, and instead mail my comments to my contacts at that search engine.

So, thank you, Danny, for making that mistake and allowing us to learn from it.

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6 Responses

  1. Paul-SBy Paul-S on 15 January, 2008

    I’ve been watching this carefully over at SEL, Sphinn and a few others – it’ll all hopefully calm down pretty quickly and we can all move forward. :)

  2. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 15 January, 2008

    Paul, I sure hope so…

  3. Wayne SmallmanBy Wayne Smallman on 15 January, 2008

    Personal Branding & Brand Management are a major commitment, but they’re also an inevitable by-product of being a ‘blogger.

    In error, there’s a lesson for everyone…

  4. InkodeBy Inkode on 28 January, 2008

    I have a lot of respect for Danny, even though I have never met the guy.

    Takes a real man to swallow his pride and apologise.

  5. MikaelBy Mikael on 30 January, 2008

    I truly respect when people talks openly about the mistakes they make. As you say Joost it is a great opportunity for the rest of us to learn from it at the same time.

    I like learning from other peoples mistakes better than learning from my own :)

  6. Drew StaufferBy Drew Stauffer on 6 February, 2008

    I had a situation like this where I had to correct myself too.

    I was writing a post about why I read Marketing Pilgrim.

    In this post while I was trying to make my case for Marketing Pilgrim I accidentally knocked SEL and SER . Both Barry and Danny quickly called me on it and I updated the post to say more carefully what I really meant.

    Blogging is sometimes so easy that you can get yourself into trouble.

    If your a blogger, reputation management is close behind.