Cool plugin find: Changelogger

July 13th, 2009 – 7 Comments

Sometimes the cool plugins are the small little things. With the advent of the new changelog addition to the WordPress readme.txt standard, it became possible to parse these changelogs and show the changes straight into your WP Plugins section. This is exactly what the ChangeLogger plugin does.

It looks like this:


Pretty nifty huh? I thought this was kinda funny by the way:


7 Responses to Cool plugin find: Changelogger

  1. Jacob Stoops
    By Jacob Stoops on 24 July, 2009

    Looks interesting! This will give us a little more insight on exactly what all these great WordPress Developers are doing with their ever-so-frequent updates.

  2. Kel
    By Kel on 24 July, 2009

    I wish all Devs would also add the dates to their logs… Ugh. Such a minor addition, but sometimes quite helpful to troubleshoot overlapping issues.

  3. Samantha Milner
    By Samantha Milner on 11 August, 2009

    Thanks for the suggestion i will be heading over and checking it out right now!.

    kind regards


  4. Sarah
    By Sarah on 21 August, 2009

    This is excellent. The creator is a genius..

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