Personalized search disabling not working?

I always use my own plugin to disable personalized search when searching Google, both in Dutch and in English. Now I was doing one of my fvorite queries: [webdesign nijmegen], and I found my site for AlthA at #1, so I showed it to a friend, and he saw another site at #1, and mine at #2. I logged out of Google, did the search again, and *ping* there I was, at #2…

I’ll try to get some more evidence, but it seems like you have to be logged out of Google to get “real” results now, I hope this is just a glitch, I’ll try and get some confirmation on whether this is supposed to happen or not…

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8 Responses

  1. SEO ExpertBy SEO Expert on 7 December, 2007

    Tell me about it. I ran into the back office to proclaim “We’ve made page one!” to the team, only to have them feverishly bring up the said results in their browser and say – “Um… I don’t see it.” I went back to my PC and realized I had logged into my gmail account and so my results pages must have come from that “alternate” universe you are describing. I logged out and hit refesh – ‘poof’ – back to reality. When logged in – definitely hits a different server farm or data center.

  2. Barry SchwartzBy Barry Schwartz on 7 December, 2007

    &pws=0 still works for me.

  3. chrisBy chris on 7 December, 2007

    i’ve seen the same thing also. What i wante to ask you joost, On my wordpress do i need to block the readmore section as it displays,

    but the readmore link goes to;

    Now these both go to the same page but im using cut down posts on my index including ‘noindex’ but will google index both of these links as they contain exactly the same information or does the #more-16 stop google from taking anything after the #.

    I know it’s not the place but this has been worrying me all day, incase someone links to the url with more-16 in the top.

    I’m using the headspace2 plugin for the more customization but run all in one seo as my seo plugin as headspace2 functions other than the more don’t show up on my blog.


  4. StefanBy Stefan on 7 December, 2007

    Still works for me too, both .nl and .com. Even when I’m logged in to my account.

  5. Peter van der GraafBy Peter van der Graaf on 7 December, 2007

    &pws=0 didn’t make much difference before, because I had personalized turned off. But the last couple of days it has become more important and it still works for me.

  6. Gerben CoumouBy Gerben Coumou on 7 December, 2007

    Joost, the SERPs were different because both search queries were served by a different data center.
    Actually, you might have noticed you lost your #1 spot. Most data centers should be updated now.
    I guess logging your Google-account on/off might trigger the actual data center which serves the search results.

  7. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 7 December, 2007

    hehe lost my #1 spot? I monitor that query regularly, and I was always at #3 :P

  8. Gerben CoumouBy Gerben Coumou on 7 December, 2007

    There goes my theory :-/