OS X 10.5 Leopard: Spaces combined with Parallels

OS X 10.5 has this awesome great new feature called Spaces, they’re multiple desktops on steroids. You can assign programs to open in a specific Space, swiftly switch between them and loads more cool stuff. Now, if you’re a developer and need to test your stuff in Windows, you can assign Parallels (in which you can run Windows) to a Space, and that way, you’ll be able to switch OS’s like you’ve never done before!

OS X 10.5 is really looking good, can’t wait to get home and play around with it.

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4 Responses

  1. Ani LopezBy Ani Lopez on 2 November, 2007

    The most stupid thing Apple did was acepting a semi-Linux OS like ‘OS X’ instead of embracing a 100% linux one. Nowadays they would be leading the linux comunity forcing soft companies like Adobe to make linux compatible products and getting a bigger piece of the SO market.
    they still are in the middle of nowhere

  2. abdusfauziBy abdusfauzi on 10 March, 2009

    yup. spaces save your desktop from clutter! yet, i found out that VMWare Fusion works better nowadays, eventhough benchmarks are telling us that Parallels works faster. This is based on experience, on my MBP. Anyway, virtual desktop + virtual machince rocks!

    p.s: Killing two birds with one stone. XP and Mac OS X, simultaneously.

    • JenBy Jen on 2 April, 2009

      I have to agree with Fusion. It just seems to work so much better, and smoother taking up less system resources than Parallels. Again, this is just from experience myself knowing what the benchmarks say.

  3. DemoGeekBy DemoGeek on 3 June, 2009

    Spaces makes it so much easy to logically/visually arrange your work flow. I keep all browsing activities on one space, development work on the other and any other activities on the third. The cool thing about Spaces is that it takes you appropriate the Space when you Cmd + Tab to switch programs. Love it!