nrelate Related Content

nrelate Related Content

Last update: 12 December, 2016

The nrelate plugin immediately left a good first impression when I opened the plugins page on it clearly state what it does, and why the author thinks it better than other plugins for the same purpose. Turns out, nrelate is not your average plugin, it comes with a service from their side that spiders your entire site and analyzes all the content, so it can not only show related posts, but really show related content from all over your site.

If there’s one thing other plugin developers can learn from this one, is in how much thought has gone into the plugins page on


When you install the plugin, it automatically begins indexing your site. To be honest I think it’d be better if it told you again and asked for permission, since it will send data to the nrelate service, but ok. On the dashboard page it shows you its progress and on the settings page you can determine whether you want to show related content with image and text or with just text, and also what size the image should be.

Here comes my biggest gripe with the plugin though: the way it works, is that it adds these related links with JavaScript. As an SEO, I want these links there for SEO reasons too, and I want them in my content. Not elsewhere. Also it doesn’t document the fact that it loads these through JavaScript anywhere, which I think will lead people to think that it’s good for their SEO when it’s really not helping them at all. If they could fix that I actually think I’d like the plugin a whole lot (read 1.5 stars) more.

Code Quality

The shortcode is registered in the way its supposed to, but it inserts inline styling no matter which way you use it, I would not want that, so I’d like an option to disable the inline styling and instead add a class that I could add to my CSS file. The same goes for the iframe: it has inline styling on it.

Another issue is that the plugin relies on CURL for it’s workings, instead of using the WordPress HTTP API, something that could cause issues on certain hosting environments. Overall the code quality is pretty ok.

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