Showing off my new ride!

So, just before I hop off on a 2 week holiday to France, I wanted to share something personal with you. In a long standing tradition of SEO’s and Affiliate marketers who show off their new ride, going from John Chow and Shoe on the affiliate side to Marcus and Dave on the SEO side, I’d like to tell you about my new pair, well actually trio, of wheels. I got myself a bakfiets. Or as you’d probably call it in English: a “Freight bicycle“. Yes, it’s a bike.

Why? Well because I either work from home, or fly, and for those small moments in between, I don’t need no car, I’d rather take a train. Ever heard of traffic jams? We seem to have invented those here in the Netherlands, or at least have a serious problem with them. Consider this: we’ve got longer traffic jams each office day, than that our country is long.

So why a “bakfiets”? Well I need to carry around my two kids sometime, and some beer, and this baby can carry it all at the same time. Ow and, just look how awesome it looks on me:


Now that we’re talking about rides by the way, I got my son a new ride too, a skelter:


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79 Responses

  1. todd gBy todd g on 22 July, 2010

    hehe, this is awesome. I want one.

  2. HansBy Hans on 22 July, 2010

    Very cool, Joost!
    Have a nice holiday!

  3. Mathias BakBy Mathias Bak on 22 July, 2010

    Awesome and better for the environment than shoemoneys hummer :-)

  4. arnout hBy arnout h on 22 July, 2010

    Nice one! Enjoy the bakfiets!

  5. Stu McLarenBy Stu McLaren on 22 July, 2010

    Looking good Joost!

    So I take it that your son will start on “4 wheels” and then perhaps graduate up to “3″? :)

    All the best,


    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 22 July, 2010

      hehe he’s actually training to graduate to a “real”, 2 wheeled bike :)

  6. Joost SchuurBy Joost Schuur on 22 July, 2010

    I was in Amsterdam last year (my first trip back to the Netherlands in at least 15 years) and was amazed at all the bikes. I’d heard about it, of course, but to see a huge rush of commuters in the morning, including parents with not just 1, but 2 kids in a bakfiets bringing them to school or doing errands was simply incredible. I bike everywhere here in Orange County, but that makes me a rare exception. It was inspiring to see how the citizens of Amsterdam have taken to bikes.

  7. Ramon FinckenBy Ramon Fincken on 22 July, 2010

    Egg-celent Joost :) Have fun!

  8. DylanBy Dylan on 22 July, 2010

    Hi Joost,

    Nice ride!

  9. Radio Flyer NZBy Radio Flyer NZ on 22 July, 2010

    Yeah, nice toy! Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your posts. I’m a big fan of ! Enjoy your holiday :p

  10. GuyBy Guy on 22 July, 2010

    Babboe ftw! They are so great I bought myself one this spring. Kids love it.

  11. mark robertsonBy mark robertson on 22 July, 2010


  12. TODHDBy TODHD on 23 July, 2010

    That is definitely a slick new ride Yoast

  13. ChrisBy Chris on 23 July, 2010

    Sweet ride–and practical too!

  14. Jordy NollBy Jordy Noll on 23 July, 2010

    Ah nice! Zo eentje hebben wij ook (Babboe). Worth every penny! :)

  15. Remi van BeekumBy Remi van Beekum on 23 July, 2010

    Wow, that’s a cool ride! Handy yet cool.

  16. Adam W. WarnerBy Adam W. Warner on 23 July, 2010

    Very nice Joost, but I think we’d all appreciate a photo with it full of beer and ice also:) Ride on!

  17. Hans KaspersetzBy Hans Kaspersetz on 23 July, 2010

    That is awesome! I have my own quiver of bicycles and love to transport stuff on them! Good work.


  18. PeterBy Peter on 23 July, 2010


    Your gravatar looks exactly like you, good work.


  19. RamoonusBy Ramoonus on 23 July, 2010

    Did anyone said sexy? You`re surely going to attract much woman with that bike!

  20. SabineBy Sabine on 23 July, 2010

    The bakfiets is a great thing. You might want to get a hood for it if you don’t already. If there’s one thing more persistant than traffic jams it’s rain.
    And a harnass for Wende when she gets to the terrible 2′s.

    The skelter is awesome too (reminds me of mini-me rocking her new “step), and it almost makes up for the horror of giving the boy crocks ;)

  21. heguibertoBy heguiberto on 23 July, 2010

    Nice SUV (bike. have fun in France!

  22. GazBy Gaz on 23 July, 2010

    2 wheels good, 4 wheels bad.

  23. gorgeBy gorge on 24 July, 2010

    you need a raise yoast!

  24. AminBy Amin on 24 July, 2010

    LOL… enjoy your trip Yoast.

  25. AfshanBy Afshan on 24 July, 2010

    enjoy your ride

  26. AdrianBy Adrian on 24 July, 2010

    Very green Yoast! I hope you and your family enjoy the bike. I think we’re all going to need to rethink our policy on travel unless we want to spend a third of our lives in traffic jams :-(

  27. RichBy Rich on 24 July, 2010

    Nice ride Joost! Have a good holiday too – you definitely deserve it.

  28. RCCBy RCC on 24 July, 2010

    That is awesome and so is vacation.

  29. Peter KnightBy Peter Knight on 27 July, 2010

    doesn’t get more dutch than that, something as a fellow dutchie I can appreciate.I live in the UK now where biking isn’t as easy&safe as in Holland but I still use mine. Have been debating a new car but when I read this I realize I don’t even need one for the same reasons.

  30. AnthonyBy Anthony on 28 July, 2010

    That is brilliant, but where is the engine?! It looks like it would be hard work cycling on that bad boy, is it heavy?

  31. FrankBy Frank on 28 July, 2010

    Mooie bakfiets Joost

  32. EdBy Ed on 28 July, 2010

    Here I was thinking you picked up one of the 3-wheel motorcycles (2 in front). Love the Skelter, though!

  33. KiksBy Kiks on 28 July, 2010

    nice ride and enjoy with the kids ..these are the best of times

  34. AdamBy Adam on 28 July, 2010

    It’s be great to see some of these on the streets of Scotland. My kids would love it.

  35. AnneBy Anne on 28 July, 2010

    Don’t those things usually have the 2 wheels in the back? I have never seen one of these in France before.

  36. TimoBy Timo on 28 July, 2010

    Bakfiets + kids – altijd goed !

  37. Eric BlackwellBy Eric Blackwell on 28 July, 2010

    Enjoy your holiday! That is a sweet ride, Joost! All sorts of good uses for the “freight bicycle”! ;-) Relax and take some well deserved time off.

  38. The CoachBy The Coach on 28 July, 2010

    Hey Joost-

    I totally dig it! I traded in my BMW for a bicycle just over 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. Not only is it a great “green” option, it is practical for me. And, we have one car between us, so I have access when necessary. I live in a community where everything is “bikeable” and can do all my daily chores – including light grocery shopping – on my bike. Now, I wish my significant other was as open as yours. I was considering “upgrading” to a tricycle with a sweet basket on the back (much like yours), but she wasn’t having it at all! Maybe once we have kids she’ll reconsider…

    The Coach

  39. Arthur Charles Van WykBy Arthur Charles Van Wyk on 28 July, 2010

    Waar kan ek ook ‘n bakfiets kry?

  40. Petra PeachBy Petra Peach on 28 July, 2010

    Now that is a cool mode of transport. Pretty green too. Have a great holiday.

  41. JorgBy Jorg on 28 July, 2010

    Nice! Enjoy your holiday Joost, see you soon!

  42. Dennis @ PontaraeBy Dennis @ Pontarae on 28 July, 2010

    About to buy a recumbent trike for myself! Not a freight hauler but very good for my back :-)

  43. Danny van KootenBy Danny van Kooten on 28 July, 2010

    Nice bakfiets Joost! I especially like the part where it carries a lot of beer ;-)

  44. Warner CarterBy Warner Carter on 28 July, 2010

    I bet it really improves your ranking too.

  45. Senith @ MBA tutorBy Senith @ MBA tutor on 28 July, 2010

    Nice! I think your son’s bike is really cool! Why did you not go for the same yellow color? :)

  46. Andy PiperBy Andy Piper on 28 July, 2010

    Hi – great bike – I would love to see more pictures. I love unique bicycles. Thanks.

  47. Darren LunnBy Darren Lunn on 28 July, 2010

    Hey, looks good Joost, just one question though … where’s the engine? lol

  48. TheoBy Theo on 28 July, 2010

    Awesome bike and nice holidays to you and your family !

  49. Glenn FriesenBy Glenn Friesen on 28 July, 2010

    Looks awesome Joost! Sweet ride(s)!

  50. KonistoBy Konisto on 28 July, 2010

    I just signed up for Zipcar, does that count??

  51. JacsonBy Jacson on 28 July, 2010

    You’re actually proud of that? WTF.

  52. andreasBy andreas on 28 July, 2010

    Great idea Joost, you’re bringing IM and SEO back to realistic proportions :)
    , love the bike.
    Happy Hollydays and all the best,

  53. DarkoBy Darko on 28 July, 2010

    Cool stuff man, would really like more of this types of posts :) Makes us chill out a bit from
    this tedious IM work LOL

  54. Theresa WagarBy Theresa Wagar on 28 July, 2010

    Very nice ride, dude! And green, too. Here in the states, you can’t get very far on a cool bike. Glad you get to enjoy it where you living. Looking forward to our vacation in Spain and lots of trains and bikes.

    Happy vacation!

  55. Ken WardBy Ken Ward on 28 July, 2010

    Show off!

    No, seriously, that’s cool. Wish more Americans appreciated the benefits of a utility bicycle.

    Keep up the good work.
    Ken :^)

  56. Rick SamaraBy Rick Samara on 29 July, 2010

    Nice rides! Very practical. I would certainly pack up on the beer before I hit France!

    Have a great holiday!


  57. Lynn FooksBy Lynn Fooks on 29 July, 2010

    Great rides for family fun, or errands. And later switch off to a fuel cell or hydrogen fuel powered
    Hummer or Audi SUV.

  58. Don TietzBy Don Tietz on 29 July, 2010

    Nice Bikes, but I thought a person with your above average intelligence
    would be protecting it wit a helmet.

  59. MickyBy Micky on 29 July, 2010

    Ha, I like your post, and the pic. Good to transport beer and kids huh? At the same time??

    We’d noticed more of these when we visited the Netherlands last month, as well as a lot of bicycles with extra large square baskets attached to the handlebars. So more people are starting to use the bike to transport stuff rather than just get somewhere themselves, looks like.

    Well, I’ve seen the Dutch traffic jams, been in them, even on Sundays, it’s crazy. So I guess it makes sense – for short distances. Very interesting, but I don’t really consider them ‘cool’ though… sorry :-)

    Anyway, enjoy your holiday. I always enjoy your newsletters and updates.

  60. LammertBy Lammert on 29 July, 2010

    Gave bak(ken) man!
    Kid van mij heeft binnenkort ook de leeftijd dat ik er een aan mag schaffen :-)

    Fijne vakantie toegewenst!

  61. Jeff WBy Jeff W on 29 July, 2010

    Now that’s a ride! We could use a few of those at the beach in California. Pedicabs were getting popular a few years ago but we haven’t seen them as much lately. Great way to carry the kids and other “essentials.”

  62. kieran cassidyBy kieran cassidy on 29 July, 2010

    Great ride careful with the drink driving!

  63. Mike RiouxBy Mike Rioux on 29 July, 2010

    Great ride man! Thanks again for the tools and advice you put out. If I ever cross the pond, I’ll have treat you to dinner!

  64. KarlBy Karl on 30 July, 2010

    Cool ride man. I do agree with you. I do the same. I live in Toronto. Two blocks away from the Train, one block away from buses. Two blocks away from 3 supermarkets, two malls close by. A beers store 4 blocks away…. I work from home for my contracts, etc… What else do I need?

    Love your website man. Thank you for the great work you do.


  65. wptidbitsBy wptidbits on 30 July, 2010

    hahaha. you got me there. The headline was a new ride. i thought you were getting a luxury car. really you got me there. anyway how about showing you real ride? love to see it. im a fan of people like you, shoemoney and johnchow, great bloggers. hope to be like you someday. now you enjoy that new ride :p

  66. ZacchaeusBy Zacchaeus on 31 July, 2010

    haha, nice intro for SEO. oh yeah, and the bike is not half bad.

  67. schufaBy schufa on 1 August, 2010

    Yes, its a perfect Daddy-car. How many miles you can(t) drive? :))

  68. VladimirBy Vladimir on 1 August, 2010

    It’s a perfect Reeksha-Dad-Vehicle :)

  69. Shane Hunter » SEO ConsultantBy Shane Hunter » SEO Consultant on 4 August, 2010

    Lol. Perfect rides for where I live *San Diego*. Lol. i need to get a new bike soon also!

  70. TimBy Tim on 5 August, 2010

    I would do the same but the distances here in Australia are slightly longer! Have a great holiday!

  71. TrafficColemanBy TrafficColeman on 5 August, 2010

    Boy you might want to get your money back…because that looks ridiculous Yoast..

    “TrafficColeman “Signing Off”

  72. GlennBy Glenn on 5 August, 2010

    Hey I know a man that can put a motor on that thing if you are interested? Have fun.

  73. Joakim NilssonBy Joakim Nilsson on 7 August, 2010

    I’ll hope I never need to buy a car either…. even though I’m a big fan of Saab cars, who knows, there might be a Saab bi-cycle in the pipeline..

  74. David W AronsonBy David W Aronson on 9 August, 2010

    It’s good exercise anyhow…I don’t think there is any cool factor unless you have a pee-wee-Herman bell mounted on the handle bars (grin) but at least you are green…more than I can say for myself.

  75. Tom HermansBy Tom Hermans on 9 August, 2010

    Nice ride Yoast. Was thinking about getting me one too.
    Had the chance to ride a Babboe this weekend (4-kids-version) and it was a bit awkward in the beginning, especially 90degree curves, pushing the steering wheel from your body (not intuitive interface ;) ), but the kids loved it.. and I got major attention from the (ladies on the) terraces of course ;)

    Tom (Belgium)

  76. ghd ukBy ghd uk on 11 August, 2010

    2 wheels good, 4 wheels bad.

  77. Michael KlusekBy Michael Klusek on 11 August, 2010

    That does it. I HAVE TO get to visit Holland. Bicycle traffic jams indeed. So if you get stuck in traffic
    you have your refreshment with you. Neat.

  78. ForumBloggerBy ForumBlogger on 15 August, 2010

    That’s great! You have an amazing website and it’s truly helping my blog, thanks for everything!