New layout, coming soon!

design previewSo in between all the work on Tweetbacks, the new design for is shaping up nicely. It’s extremely funny, and I love it even when working with a bit longer. It’s a whole lot lighter than the current one, which is a bit dark to my liking, and it’s a lot more me.

design preview 2I’ve outsourced it all this time. I had a designer do the new design, and had do the coding. I’ll only have to touch it up a bit before release.

design preview 3I’ll be testing quite a bit, in line with all the new stuff I’m learning at OrangeValley, and to do that, I’m creating some new plugins, which I’ll be releasing as well, probably on the OrangeValley site. For instance, I’m very curious if the new RSS buttons will convert, I might have to change that quite soon.

Watch this blogs feed and follow me on Twitter, the new layout should be done in about 48 to 72 hours!

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17 Responses

  1. redwall_hpBy redwall_hp on 12 January, 2009

    Nice preview. It shows just enough to be interesting, and little enough to be frustrating. :)

    What are you going to do with the old design? Have you considered releasing it as a free/premium WordPress theme? I hate to see a decent design collect dust. I’ve seen a lot of cool designs be scrapped for something equally cool, and occasionally miss the old design.

  2. Elja TrumBy Elja Trum on 12 January, 2009

    Looks fresh..
    Good luck with the tweaks and testing!

  3. Drew StaufferBy Drew Stauffer on 12 January, 2009

    Can’t wait to see the final.

    I’m going to be re-designing mine in the next couple weeks. I’ve been so inspired by Jason Santa Maria and the modular-layout-systems, so much more flexibility when it comes to your content.

  4. memeBy meme on 12 January, 2009

    wonderful, looks like cartoon cow’s web site.

  5. contentpigBy contentpig on 13 January, 2009

    I’m loving the pinstripes on the trousers… very nice!

  6. Mom On The RunBy Mom On The Run on 13 January, 2009

    I’m getting a lot of tweetback spam – how do i correct that?

  7. OmarBy Omar on 13 January, 2009

    i cant wait till the new design is out!! im so intriged

  8. Lars BachmannBy Lars Bachmann on 13 January, 2009

    Interesting.. i’m looking forward to see what you come up with.

  9. OutletBy Outlet on 13 January, 2009

    It looks cool I am looking forward to see summer edition of yoast ;)

  10. TonyBy Tony on 13 January, 2009

    Looking forward to seeing the new design. Don’t mind the current one TBH, but the little snippets look good.

  11. ArtologicsBy Artologics on 14 January, 2009

    Your current design is beautiful, but the light color will be extreme.

  12. erickBy erick on 14 January, 2009

    waiting for the new layout :D

  13. brewginBy brewgin on 15 January, 2009

    Great things come to those who wait.

    Even greater things come to those who don’t commit to deadlines. ;-)

  14. RoyBy Roy on 16 January, 2009

    Time is on your side ;)

  15. MattBy Matt on 16 January, 2009

    Nice peek! looking forward the new design :)
    Good luck Joost!

  16. specialistsBy specialists on 7 November, 2009

    This design looks awesome and im looking forward to the new design.