New design (and submitting for a contest)!

For all your lurkers in the RSS feed who haven’t come out in the last week, and I know there’s quite a few of you, there’s a new design waiting for you if you click the link!

I’m also, with this post, submitting this design to the WP WebHost Best WordPress Design Award contest in the “Modern & Elegant” category. I think the new design is worthy of a price :)

The credits for this design go to W3 Edge Web Site Design, where Frederick and his team did an awesome job. Coding it took a fair bit longer than expected, mostly due to me being extremely busy with OrangeValley.

Tags: , runs on the Genesis Framework

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35 Responses

  1. gerbenBy gerben on 14 March, 2009

    Isn’t it a bit crowdy? The insert fields for comments or e-mail notifier are almost invisible?
    It’s funny, but is it really cool? Donno….

    Enjoy anyway :-)

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 14 March, 2009

      I wanted a design that had a bit more of a personality to it, I think this does that :) What do you mean with “insert fields” ?

      It’s good to have some people give their opinion though :)

      • archshrkBy archshrk on 14 March, 2009

        Not sure if this is what they were talking about but, When you first launched the new design, my browser font was slightly larger and the header was falling behind the blue “featured” section. I reset my font and all was well again.

  2. BFG9000By BFG9000 on 14 March, 2009

    Hi Joost,

    I’m loving the new look !!!
    Particularly impressed with the background at the top.
    One thing though – it seems to be out by one pixel – if you adjust the width of the browser by one pixel at a time you’ll notice the windmil on the right & the large tree on the left get slightly misaligned.



  3. redwall_hpBy redwall_hp on 14 March, 2009

    Nice design. I like all of the little graphical touches spread throughout. They really add to the overall look, even if not everyone notices.

  4. SebastianBy Sebastian on 14 March, 2009

    For me, the old design looked better. It was clearer. The new looks too kittenishly. But everyone on his taste. ;-)

  5. markusBy markus on 14 March, 2009

    Wow, i like your new design. Especially the flowers in the countryside.. very nice! :-)

  6. gbBy gb on 14 March, 2009

    im new to blogging, your stuff has been very helpfull, thanks

  7. EvertJanBy EvertJan on 14 March, 2009

    A nice, fresh look. Feels like spring! :)

  8. archshrkBy archshrk on 14 March, 2009

    personally, I love the new look.

  9. archshrkBy archshrk on 14 March, 2009

    By the way, are you now using friend connect images instead of gravatar?

  10. Olivia BellBy Olivia Bell on 14 March, 2009

    I love lurking. Great message – I was actually reading it in my RSS reader LOL!

    I think the design looks brilliant, very fresh and “you” you could say – no confusing with any other website!

  11. MichelBy Michel on 14 March, 2009

    I love the new look! Congrats

  12. Mom On The RunBy Mom On The Run on 15 March, 2009

    Great new look – where are the tulip fields? I remember seeing rows and rows of tulip fields when I visited relatives in The Netherlands when I was 11. Tulips would add a bit more colour to the header image. Other than that it looks fantastic!

  13. JustinParksBy JustinParks on 15 March, 2009

    I love the new design Joost. Its friendly, inviting and certainly memorable. Nice way to stand out from the crowd and excellent work by the guys at W3 Edge Web Site Design. Slightly jealous to be honest… :P

  14. seriocomicBy seriocomic on 15 March, 2009

    Definitely more personal and unique. I am a big fan of the ‘stepped’ edges (two pixels one dark, one light)

  15. Tony MurphyBy Tony Murphy on 15 March, 2009

    hey, this is much better than the blue design
    the bluie was nice but very functional
    this one has lots more personality yet the colors are professional


  16. MartijnBy Martijn on 16 March, 2009

    Very nice design — it makes it clear that the main purpose of this site is to promote “Yoast” as a brand. (the “Hire Me” button on top).


  17. M RahmanBy M Rahman on 16 March, 2009

    I’m loving the new look !!! I love the new design. Its friendly, inviting and certainly memorable. Nice way to stand out from.Particularly impressed with the background at the top.

  18. maoxiuxiuBy maoxiuxiu on 16 March, 2009

    can I download your theme for free?:)

  19. TonyBy Tony on 16 March, 2009

    I really like the new design. I had a look at it last week before you posted this, but didn’t have a chance to comment. I think it’s really individual and certainly adds some personality to the site. To me, it makes the site very inviting, and of course your posts are always very useful and interesting. Good luck with the Design Award contest!

  20. palihapizBy palihapiz on 16 March, 2009

    When i open other blog, i will compare with u and i feel want to see this blog everyday and when my readers blink i hope that from ur blog. I want like this too..good luck for design contest..

  21. Arabic MusicBy Arabic Music on 16 March, 2009

    this is a great awesome design.
    wishing you best of luck in winning the WP prize

  22. FreeBSD; the unknown GiantBy FreeBSD; the unknown Giant on 16 March, 2009

    Hoi Joost,

    The new theme looks fresh and crisp.

    Would be nice to see a post on the different WP plugins you’re using.


  23. Arnie | Vertical MeasuresBy Arnie | Vertical Measures on 17 March, 2009

    Love the new look. I don’t have a creative bone in my body so I am pretty jealous when I see some cool look like this one. Very nice…. especially the social connection bar at the bottom of the page.

    Maybe some day we can earn a spot on your “friends list” as a great source for exellent link building :-)


  24. AdityaBy Aditya on 17 March, 2009

    Excellent design. Can’t you make this a free download? :D

  25. My Life ThinkingBy My Life Thinking on 21 March, 2009

    Wow, I just got here and I love your new design!

  26. Muri-ON-LINEBy Muri-ON-LINE on 23 March, 2009

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  27. EdwinBy Edwin on 23 March, 2009

    I liked the previous one also..this design is very playfull but the background ( body) does not match the header bg in IE6

  28. Ani LópezBy Ani López on 4 April, 2009

    you’ve got a new design and me a brand new blog :)

  29. wRongBy wRong on 5 April, 2009

    Wow, it looks awesome! I am looking at it over and over and I can`t get enough of it.

  30. dennyBy denny on 7 April, 2009

    This is the perfect blog…amazing design and functionality. (now if google would make feedburner work right!)

    Seriously, very nicely done!

  31. Web Designing QuotesBy Web Designing Quotes on 10 April, 2009

    I’m loving the new look !!! I love the new design. Its friendly, inviting and certainly memorable. Nice way to stand out from.Particularly impressed with the background at the top.

  32. gadgetBy gadget on 23 April, 2009

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a WP theme that looks similiar to this one, ie. layout-wise, and is either free or low cost?