My WordCamp Ireland WordPress SEO Presentation

Early this year I gave a presentation, which has now been edited and will soon appear on, the fun thing? You can see it here first:

[wpvideo width="540" height="300" jETtjLtJ]

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17 Responses

  1. GazBy Gaz on 21 August, 2010

    Jane should get Automattic to invest in a tripod :) There’s useful updates in this which should be added to your WP SEO guide – that doesn’t even mention W3 Total cache.

  2. ChrisBy Chris on 21 August, 2010

    You should ad the link to slide presentation in your post.

  3. quicotoBy quicoto on 21 August, 2010

    Cool presentation. Will use some of the tips on my blogs.

    Thanks for sharing Joost!

  4. Darren LunnBy Darren Lunn on 22 August, 2010

    Good presentation style Joost, I liked the whole vid. Some more clarification on Total Cache would be useful, I’ve recently switched to Quick Cache and noticed some good improvement from that, but I have no idea how it compares to Total Cache (or technically, why it’s better?)

    Coincidence you mentioning event handlers on the comment submit for a redirect, I was just playing around with JQuery today on this very thing, not very successfully though, it has to be said…

    • quicotoBy quicoto on 22 August, 2010

      Just try W3 Total Cache and you’ll see it :)

      About jQuery is the most powerfull-easy to use JavaScript library. You can find plugins for almost everything :P


  5. TmikBy Tmik on 22 August, 2010

    Great stuff and great presentation. Only two things that weren’t clear, either because it was detailed on the slides or I just didn’t understand was the Automatic table repairing and disable paging on comments. I guess I could Google it, but maybe other people would benefit from knowing too.

  6. Tenley ShewmakeBy Tenley Shewmake on 22 August, 2010

    How about a transcript, Joost–for those of us with painfully slow internet?

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 22 August, 2010

      Yeah might be a good idea, but I’d have to pay someone to get that done :)

      • Alastair McDermottBy Alastair McDermott on 23 August, 2010

        Ah, but it’d be worth it for the SEO benefit, surely? ;)

        • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 23 August, 2010

          Of course mate, of course :)

  7. BreathalyzerBy Breathalyzer on 24 August, 2010

    I agree that communication is still important!

    Thanks for posting!

  8. Phil EmeryBy Phil Emery on 24 August, 2010

    You talked about the WP’s less than stellar search functionality.

    What’s your opinion on this plugin?

    Looks promising.

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 24 August, 2010

      It’s good but it doesn’t cut it. Sadly, good search functionality would probably require just as much code as all of WordPress has right now…

  9. Rich StaatsBy Rich Staats on 25 August, 2010

    Hey Joost, thanks! Do you no follow/no index the pages that you redirect from comments and events, etc?


  10. ThomasBy Thomas on 13 September, 2010

    Nice presentation. However, I’m just commenting to check if I get redirected to a Thank You Page :).

    And just no I noticed a small bug in your comment form, see: