MSN Reporter…

SEW reports that MSN Reporter has gone live in Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway and states that it attracts a lot of visitors with some articles receiving up to 10,000 votes…

While I can’t deny that it drives quite some traffic, it’s still broken as hell, and those of you who are creative might want to check out my previous post on the subject, and do your thing with it… Blatantly running that script will get you banned (manually btw), but there are more subtle ways of getting unique votes without having to push the user to a “vote” button.

More on this in a few days…

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6 Responses

  1. Gerben CoumouBy Gerben Coumou on 20 February, 2007

    Are you talking about the same ‘trick’ you suggested earlier to implement with eKudos?
    (Linking to a vote-link through an image-tag. Which is much more interesting on MSN Reporter than eKudos, as you don’t have to be logged in to vote on MSN Reporter).

  2. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 20 February, 2007

    You hit the jackpot Gerben ;)

  3. Gerben CoumouBy Gerben Coumou on 20 February, 2007

    I was so sorry to ruin your next post ;-)

  4. WouterBy Wouter on 20 February, 2007

    They just need to fix the CSRF issue, shouldn’t be that big a problem…

  5. RxbbxBy Rxbbx on 21 February, 2007

    Sad overthere at MSN Reporter.. :)

  6. Roger MillerBy Roger Miller on 29 August, 2008

    oil prices leap as hurricane hits Haiti–what kind of sensationalist bullshit is that? I want that stupid bastard’s job.