MSN Reporter still buggy

June 22nd, 2007 – 7 Comments

MSN are apparently still unable to fix the bug I found, they seem to have taken down all Reporter sites for a while, yet the Dutch one is working for me right now, and the Belgian-French one is as well… Kind of weak though, don’t you think? It’s still possible to vote multiple times on an article just by throwing away the cookies. Makes you wonder when they will get their act together and just fix it.

7 Responses to MSN Reporter still buggy

  1. Erik-Jan
    By Erik-Jan on 22 June, 2007

    Could it be that this message at (dutch) has anything to do with it? For the non-Dutchmen, the news article says that de Dutch MSN Reporter is down for some time now. There are some rumours that MSN wants to stop the project.

  2. Gerben
    By Gerben on 22 June, 2007

    It’s also very easy to flood MSN Reporter with new messages. Just do as follows.
    Use any e-mail address you like and submit the form. You’ll get something like:
    Get the [the-headline-id] value from the URL. Use the variable in the following URL:
    Your news is now activated.
    Automate this process to claim the complete latest news section on the homepage.

  3. Joost de Valk
    By Joost de Valk on 24 June, 2007

    Haha Gerben, it’s just to damn buggy…

    Erik-Jan: If they stop it that’d be quite the story :)

  4. Arnoud
    By Arnoud on 23 July, 2007

    MSN launched a new version of Reporter:

    Valsspelen op MSN Reporter een stuk lastiger!F22E9E9D8F70E526!805.entry

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