Moved the blog to the homepage

Since moving the seo blog to the main URL worked so well on, (it came out of the last PR update as a PR7 and has had more search referrers since), I decided to do the same here. Let me know if you find any errors, but I think it all went smoothly. All old posts are 301 redirected of course, and the content of the old homepage has moved to the “About me” page, and yes, I know that page needs an update.

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4 Responses

  1. MicroDesignBy MicroDesign on 2 May, 2007

    Great work, im currious if you get pr7 here aswell.. Good luck!

  2. SabineBy Sabine on 4 May, 2007

    Hi, do you really think it makes a difference if the blog is in a subdirectory, and why if i may ask?
    Another question, i found this “PVMultimedia SEO contest” page, do you know which software they are using and are you affiliated to these people?

  3. rxbbxBy rxbbx on 5 May, 2007

    Big decision you made. It sure works.

  4. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 5 May, 2007

    @ Sabine: yeah I think it matters. My homepage was being spidered an awful lot, and had quite a lot of links flowing to it, yet it wasn’t used at all for any decent content to rank, with the blog directly on it, instead of in a subdir, the power of the domain is put to it’s use more fully…

    @ rxbbx: looking at my referrer and spider stats it seems to be working, yes.