More Sitelinks!

A friend emailed me this morning, saying he saw a lot more site links reported in Google Webmaster Tools for sites that had not before had site links. When I went to check I saw a lot of my sites, amongst which this one, showing site links too. I can’t get them to show up in the SERPs yet, curious as to whether that will happen soon.

What amazed me again was which URL’s Google picked, on some sites they seem “obvious”, on this one it picked a few posts, and I can’t say I really understood why. None of the posts it picked were particularly well linked, both internally and externally. It would be nice to be able to influence those site links a bit more…

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14 Responses

  1. Razvan AntonescuBy Razvan Antonescu on 18 December, 2007

    Really don’t wanna be spammy, but here is an article about generating and controlling sitelinks:

  2. SintBy Sint on 18 December, 2007

    Have a look at:

    I haven’t seen any difference for my websites yet, but it’s nice to see that Google took this decision because users appreciated the site links function.

  3. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 18 December, 2007

    From the link Sint passed, I guess they will.

  4. André ScholtenBy André Scholten on 18 December, 2007

    Very cool, I’ve got sitelinks too. At least in the GWT ;)

  5. André ScholtenBy André Scholten on 18 December, 2007

    I checked several sites now and see Sitelinks popping up everywhere. The question is: are they going to publish them?

  6. AshBy Ash on 18 December, 2007

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I’ve got site links coming my way too!

  7. David EavesBy David Eaves on 19 December, 2007

    Sweet, my site seems to have got them as well, so has one of my clients.

  8. Gab from SEO ROIBy Gab from SEO ROI on 19 December, 2007

    I just typed in joost devalk to figure out your domain (to link to you from this post: and saw no Site Links. Perhaps they’re waiting for you to pick them before rolling them out?

  9. Henri van den HoofBy Henri van den Hoof on 19 December, 2007

    Also for me some new and shiny sitelinks. Only in GWT for now though. Curious to see when (and how) they will show up in searches.

    As a test I have blocked one of the links (“do not want to emphasize”) and will check if the ranking of that particular page will change (you never know with Google, right?).

  10. Wayne SmallmanBy Wayne Smallman on 20 December, 2007

    I’ve just checked on Google’s Webmaster Tools and I’ve managed to snag a couple for a pair of client website.

    The links that have been grabbed don’t seem to match those web pages that rank highest in the statistics.

    But I think there’s a pattern — web pages that are top products / services, and those web pages that are top CTA’s, like the Contact Us, for example…

  11. daveBy dave on 21 December, 2007

    Got some to in GWT but no pattern to see..There’s even a link to a page that only has 2 pics and no content (except the navigation)…

  12. David HopkinsBy David Hopkins on 22 December, 2007

    I have noticed that Windows Live has also added sitelinks, although only for the web authorities like the BBC.

    I guess they could be hand picked seeded authorities, or maybe MS are just testing out an algo.

  13. EvertBy Evert on 22 December, 2007

    Hey Joost,

    Thanks for the post. I looked in GWT and I got them on some of my projects, but only on GWT, not in the serps :-(
    But I don’t understand why. One project has sitelinks and I was expecting this to happen. Another project that’s not that good (well actually it’s a bunch of crap :-)) has sitelinks too. (It really doesn’t deserve this) And another good project (well in my opinion) didn’t get any! Strange….

  14. MikeBy Mike on 23 December, 2007

    Same for me, very strange. I’m seeing sitelinks in google webmaster tools but not in the serps at this time… fingers crossed though. None of my others site have these and my others sites are all larger and contain a lot more pages… wierd.