Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

Last update: 12 December, 2016

Every single person who visits this site or downloads a plugin does so with different goals for different sites from different locations all across the world. But there is one common experience I bet we have all shared: dissatisfaction with our WordPress hosting.

Some of you may be dealing with it right now – the slow page load times and downtime, the inadequate support, the constant fear of hacking. Others of you, like me, have already opted for premium managed WordPress hosting and put those frustrations in your rearview for good. I recommend Copyblogger’s Managed WordPress hosting division Synthesis to my clients when I can’t take risks.

Managed WordPress Hosting makes it easier

A serious solution for serious sites: Managed WordPress Hosting

BlogWorldExpo and GeekBeat TV are two huge sites that see heavy traffic and know how to strain a server. They switched to Synthesis and both sites have seen a quantum leap in performance since.

Pushing Social dealt with a vicious hacking issue as well as inconsistent performance. He switched to Synthesis and has not had to worry about either since.

Synthesis isn’t for everybody, but it is for serious WordPress users like those above (and probably you if you are on this website) who refuse to accept the poor performance and excuses of generic hosting.

Fast performance, proactive security, and expert support

The two biggest problems that WordPress site owners face are that typical shared servers, or even VPSs on generic hosting platforms, are not optimized for WordPress’ unique performance and security requirements. Synthesis’ managed WordPress hosting is both.

Synthesis was developed by an expert technical team that also had the experience of being in the trenches like you and me, running high-traffic sites on WordPress. This is why their unique and finely tuned configs work so well for WordPress. It is also why they have advanced and evolving security checks in constant motion, plus a guarantee to clean up your site in the event of an invasion.

And the support is top notch. From migrations to troubleshooting to plugin recommendations, these guys have seen it all through their real-world WordPress experience, which makes your life that much easier.

Too often, hosting is associated with problems that make our lives harder. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a host that gives you benefits instead of headaches? That’s Synthesis, so go check out their plans and sign up now!

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